Baltimore’s own Moses Ingram heads from ‘Star Wars’ to ‘Lady in the Lake’ – Baltimore Sun – Baltimore, Maryland

Baltimore, Maryland 2022-06-24 17:16:36 –

Moses Ingram leaves the galaxy far away and heads for Baltimore in the 1960s.

A graduate of the Baltimore School of the Arts, who just appeared in the latest Star Wars series, has signed the role of Baltimore writer Laura Lippman’s novel “Ready in the Lake” in adapting Apple TV + movies, a spokeswoman said. Confirmed.

The representative refused to provide additional information regarding the shoot.

This news was first reported by The Hollywood Reporter and Variety.

Ingram, who appears in the new Disney + “Star Wars” series, replaces Darth Vader as Inquisitor Leva Sevander, who hunts Obi-Wan Kenobi. She also played the role of McDuff’s wife in “Lady Macduff” with Jolene, the character of the Netflix series “Queen’s Gambit”.

In the Lake’s cast was joined by Ingram only four weeks after it was revealed that Academy Award-winning actor Lupita Nyongo had ceased to co-star in the series. That is.

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Lipman’s 2019 book, Lady in the Lake, is based on the actual death of a waitress found on Lake Druid Hill in 1969, when Shirley Lee Wijon Parker and Cleo Sherwood died in the book. Nyongo was set up to play the role of Sherwood.

Academy Award-winning actor Natalie Portman plays Madeline Schwartz, the show’s executive producer and co-star, who turned from a housewife to a reporter.

Filming began in Baltimore in May and was originally scheduled to continue until October.

Ingram has recently been the target of racist attacks after appearing in the “Star Wars” series, with co-stars and franchise makers defending her.

interview To Regarding being a rare black actor who plays a villain, Ingram replied, “Bad things are fun.”

However, some Star Wars viewers flooded her with racist messages. “There are hundreds of them. Hundreds,” she said in a video, according to an article. Vanity Fair..

On Twitter, the official “Star Wars” account rejected her critics. “There are more than 20 million perceptual species in the Star Wars galaxy. Don’t choose to be a racist.”

Baltimore’s own Moses Ingram heads from ‘Star Wars’ to ‘Lady in the Lake’ – Baltimore Sun Source link Baltimore’s own Moses Ingram heads from ‘Star Wars’ to ‘Lady in the Lake’ – Baltimore Sun

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