“Bar Rescue John Tuffer Talks About Seasons 8 and 200-Hollywood Life

“Bar Rescue” is pouring one for a very special occasion. HL spoke exclusively with host Jon Taffer about the 200th episode of the milestone and the “emotional” story at its core.

Bar rescue Premiered in 2011, the show is now celebrating its 200th episode on June 13th. This episode COVID-19 Pandemic.. Hollywood Life Speaked exclusively John Tuffer About the impact this special episode had on him.

“It’s obviously emotionally devastating, especially when looking at children,” John said. Hollywood Life.. “We’re in the restaurant business this season and you know we’ve released a lot of news about COVID and the restaurant industry this year. We all talked about how it affected the industry. , And this season’s Bar Rescue showed me how it affected people, and this family is a great example. “

Jon Taffer is hosting “Bar Rescue”. (Roger Kissbee / Paramount Network)

The family moved from Texas to Las Vegas to buy a life-saving Mexican restaurant and “want a better life.” Unfortunately, the pandemic occurred a month after they arrived. Just days before John and the Bar Rescue team arrived, the host revealed that the family had “lost their homes and lost their homes in a way that they couldn’t get everything out of their homes.” Simply put, when we got there, three boys under the age of 10 were sleeping on the wooden floor above the restaurant, and there was nothing in this family. “

He continued. “I immediately put it in the hotel room during the production of the show. I’m not going to ruin the show, but there was a pretty good solution. I did what this family did to get them back on track. I’m very proud of that, and it’s very emotional … this season Bar rescue It’s very different for me. It wasn’t full of deterioration or attention. It was much more emotional to me. “

All Season 8 was filmed in John’s hometown of Las Vegas. The bar that was rescued was a bar that was heavily influenced by COVID-19. John had to navigate companies suffering from unique situations, pandemics, vaccination deployments, and protocols that he had never faced before, and prepare to succeed in the post-COVID world. ..

John Tuffer
John Tuffer in the previous episode of “Bar Rescue”. (Everett Collection)

John didn’t expect the show to be successful so far. “I didn’t expect to be on TV,” he said. Hollywood Life.. “That wasn’t the goal of my life. It happened to me suddenly. I thought I’d be a pilot and go home, but I thought it would end in the first season or the second season. Hey, I just shot my 200th episode, and you know what milestones are on TV. That’s a big deal. I’m very grateful for all the success the show has achieved. I will. “

John has rescued many bars over the years, but we had to ask: is there anything he needs to rescue himself? “No one has ever asked me that question,” he admitted. “I’m really lucky. Last week I had the opportunity to spend a week with my daughter and grandson. I have a great relationship with my family so I don’t really need to be rescued there. Professionally, I I’m proud of where I am in my life. I have a great relationship with my employees. They are very loyal. Both ways — from me to them and from them to me. I am there I don’t think I need a lot of help. My relationship with my wife … I think my wife is my best friend. You’ve probably seen her at the show. I’m there. No need to rescue. To be honest, I think personal remedies are available for how to manage my private life. But I’m so excited about my professional life that I sometimes ignore my private life. I’m not good at taking vacations or vacations, and sometimes I’m not good at spending time for myself because I’m so happy to help others It’s more fun for me to help anyone other than me to be ridiculously ridiculous, so my new year’s resolution this year is to be better for myself this year, especially after experiencing a pandemic. Take a little more vacation, rest a little, lose a few pounds and eat healthier, like that! ” Bar rescue It will air on Paramount Network at 10 pm on Sunday.

“Bar Rescue John Tuffer Talks About Seasons 8 and 200-Hollywood Life

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