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Ashley Jones’ graduation party ended with gunshots and arrests during the July 20th season finale of “Teen Mama 2”.

July 20th Season Finale Teen mom 2 It was full of dramas.but also Ashley Jones‘A longtime boyfriend, bar Smith, Ends with handcuffs, Rear messer Received amazing news about her breast tumor. Want more? Let’s dive!

It all started when Ashley and Bar began preparing for the graduation party. But while she was preparing to celebrate her achievements, the bar continued to be hit by bad news. First, he noticed that he was absent from business class in the medium term. This probably means failing the class. He had no excuses, but he tried to blame too much in his head. Ashley rolled his eyes and said that wasn’t a good reason to miss the mid-term.

Later, Bar realized he had to serve 15 days in a county prison for his previous drunk driving arrest. He became nervous to talk to Ashley — for good reason — and again, he tried to minimize the consequences he was facing, but Ashley made sure it never happened again. I told him to go back and take some time.

But unfortunately for her, things were getting worse. When it was time for Ashley’s graduation party, the decoration was top notch, but the bar’s behavior wasn’t. Not only did he swallow a huge beer and a bunch of liquor, but the bar was arrested for “intentionally firing a gun in a lazy manner” after the MTV crew left the party.

Leah Messer, meanwhile, finally got the test results after asking about the growth of breast tumors. Fortunately for her, she doesn’t need surgery. Despite her last visit to the doctor and being told that the tumor had grown and was benign, Leah’s doctor still thought she had nothing to worry about. There Leah shared the good news with her daughters and told them that she might seek a second opinion in the future — but for now she intends to celebrate.

later, Kairin Raleigh And Chris Lopez A new custody agreement has been reached, which may not be the result either of them wanted. Kairin desperately tried to resolve their custody issue out of court, but Chris was unaware of Kairin’s proposal and she wasn’t happy with what he suggested (he wasn’t happy with his proposal). By court order (which wanted two boys all the time), Kairin was not allowed to reveal what the judge had decided. But she seemed upset about it.

How about Jade Cline,with her Sean I broke up again. But this time, they both say it’s permanent. They swear. No, really — they really promise. Yes, that’s ironic. Apparently, Jade told Sean to move tiredly, and after joining a permanent resident of the hotel, some fans caught Sean in The Tinder. Jade laughed and said he was embarrassed after learning about it, but later told the producer he wasn’t himself. Still, he said he ended up completely with Jade and was much happier without her. So what about engagement rings? Well, he said he sold it for $ 500. I don’t think it was 3.5 carats after all.

At the end, Brianna DeJesus I tried to get Lewis‘Parental rights deprived later Stella It looked petrified to him, but Brianna was told she couldn’t. So she complained to her mom and sister, and that’s basically everything that happened to her this week.

Bar Smith Arrested — Season Finale Summary – Hollywood Life

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