Barack Obama criticizes Republicans pushing election lies | Barack Obama

Americans should be worried that Republicans “willingly accept ideas about our democracy that were unrecognizable and unacceptable even five years ago.” Barack Obama I said on Monday.

As seen under the authoritarian leaders of Hungary and Poland, the former president said, “The road to undemocratic America does not come true at once, but comes” through a series of steps. ” Warned people to recognize.

Obama I was talking to CNN Two Senate committees report About the deadly attack on the US Capitol on January 6th.

Five after Donald Trump’s supporters attacked the building to serve Trump’s lie that his decisive defeat by Joe Biden in the electoral college and general voting was caused by election fraud Died.

Mr. Trump was hit for the second time with the support of 10 Republicans in the House of Representatives. However, Republicans in the Senate acquitted him for inciting a rebellion. He continues to be free to run for public office Returned to speaking in public He hinted at a plan to run for the White House again in 2024.

last month, Republican Prevented the formation of a 9/11 style committee to investigate the Capitol attack. The Senate report released on Tuesday does not address political issues.

States far from Washington, such as Texas, Florida, and Georgia, are pursuing legislation that limits access to ballots in constituencies where Republicans are likely to vote for the Democratic Party, making it easier to overturn election results. ..

In Washington Opposition of the Democratic Party of Japan For example, West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin is blocking the protection of federal voting rights.

President Obama told CNN, “Most of the elected parliaments [are] I agree with the falsehood that there was a problem with the election. “

Since January 6, some Republicans have opposed officials like Mr. Brad Lafenceparger, who opposed Mr. Trump’s lies and resisted pressure to overturn Mr. Biden’s victory, saying he was “very brave.” He praised him, Obama said.

But then President Obama said: The reason is that the base believed it, and the base believed it not only by the president, but also by the media they were watching.

“My hope is to change the course. But to do that, each of us needs to understand that this experiment in democracy is not self-contained. It does not happen automatically. . “

Obama, the first black president, thoroughly examined his impact on the United States, especially in his memoirs. Promised Land, Published after the 2020 elections.

He told CNN that the right-wing media, most notably Fox News, was with Republicans. Democratic PartyHe said, “Occupy different worlds, and it becomes more and more difficult to hear and meet each other.

“We are doing more economic stratification and segregation. Combining that with racial stratification and media silos, Walter Cronkite isn’t the only one delivering news, but 1,000. There are different venues. All of this leads to the feeling that we have nothing in common. “

When President Obama asks, “How can we be able to tell a common story about where this country is heading?”, Americans on either side need to meet and talk more often. Said there is.

“The question now is how we create a meeting place,” he said. “Now we don’t have them and we are witnessing the results.”

Barack Obama criticizes Republicans pushing election lies | Barack Obama

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