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Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky 2021-07-18 22:52:16 –

Jessamine County, Kentucky (LEX 18) — For many, the decisive moment of the Barbasol Championship came to the end of the tournament during a dramatic playoff match, but for Randy Maynard, the highlight is the beginning of the tournament. I came to.

“I was telling someone that Christmas seemed to come on July 15th,” Maynard, 67, said in an interview on Sunday LEX18.

The “Christmas in July” moment came last Thursday. Maynard, who has been volunteering during the tournament since the opening season of 2018, was asked to be a golfer’s caddy.

“I was enthusiastic,” Maynard said. “I was ready to go.”

Maynard was the caddy for Will MacKenzie, one of the last alternative golfers to enter the field.

Maynard said he was holding his weight, but he first admitted that he was a little rusty.

“I made some very basic mistakes that I should never make,” said Maynard, the last caddy in 1984.

Mackenzie dropped out of the tournament during the second round on Friday, and Maynard was disappointed.

“I wanted to go to 9 more holes,” he said. “I’ll never get this opportunity again on the PGA Tour, so I’m really looking forward to finishing it.”

Dan Coet, director of media and public relations for the Barbasol Championship, called Maynard a “super volunteer.”

“Randy is like the first person you meet,” Coet said. “He appears and makes you feel welcome, and soon you feel like you’re part of a team.”

Maynard may be skeptical about giving the caddy another shot in the tournament, but Coet is less confident.

“If I’m on tour and have the opportunity to pick up someone like Randy in my corner,” Coet said. “”[I’d pick him] all day. “

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