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What do you think of when you think of Milwaukee? Can you see the skyline from the top of downtown or from the lake? Do you think of a lake looking out from where you stand in the city? There are many different vantage points where you can feel like a different city just by looking at Milwaukee from a slightly different angle. In a town known for its strong love for warm weather and the enjoyment of cold drinks to combat the inevitable humidity, the question is raised: where to go for a spectacular view of Milwaukee? There are seven answers to that question, each with a different and wonderful view.

Barnacle Bud’s
1955 S. Hilbert St.

As Milwaukee continued to build along the three rivers, Bernacle Bad became more than just a boater’s destination. Janice was found even here the day after the Bucks Championship parade. The view of Milwaukee from the Kinicinic River, a true seafood joint with a stunning outdoor bar, is spectacular. And if you’re lucky, you can find Bad himself on a nice summer day.

Blu Bar & Lounge
424 E. Wisconsin Ave.

Perhaps the best view from the top of Milwaukee is the blue at the top of the historic Pfister Hotel. Blu is a traditional jazz lounge with comfortable velor seats and high quality cocktails, offering perfect views of the lake and downtown while a cozy stay indoors. Blu is the perfect spot for a date night or formal business meetings at any time of the year.

Boone & Crockett
818 S. Water St.

Boon & Crockett has all a little for everyone. There is an outdoor bar area suitable for patrons in the shade and shade, and an indoor bar where you can feel like you’re heading north, attached to The Cooperage where you can attend concerts and private events. The parking lot shares space with pedal taverns, kayaks and motorboat rentals in the summer. As the website says, Boon & Crockett has the exaggerated drink menu you want without masquerading.

The Mothership
2301 S. Logan Ave.

Located in a perfect small bay view corner facing the lake and dog park, Mothership is a modern version of the corner dive bar. Here you can drink anything with a variety of house cocktails, from tall boys in Narragansett to top-notch tequila. The trendy, cool, pop culture-friendly flare is exactly what the place gives off. Outdoor space continues to grow as customers remain loyal to their mothership.

The Outsider 
310 E. Chicago St.

The Kimpton Journeyman Hotel Outsider has a magnificent outdoor patio. Located in the heart of the Third Ward, this rooftop is open throughout the four seasons and is tailored to the different weather conditions that Milwaukee people are accustomed to. Whether you’re shopping on Saturday and want to sit and rest, or have a great time out of town, outsiders are always a winner.

Skyline Bar + Lounge @ Nō Studios
1037 W. McKinley Ave.

As Bucks wins and the Deer district grows, it’s hard to keep up with all the new spots near the Fiserv Forum. Nō Studios is influenced by East Asian culture, named after the Japanese-Chinese word for “skill” or “talent,” and hints at the creative people it seeks as a member. Above the studio, the Skyline Bar + Lounge is open to the public daily, Wednesday to Saturday nights, with more views of Milwaukee from the west than ever before.

St. Paul Fish Company Tiki Bar
400 N. Water St.

The St. Paul Fish Company is known for its stunning lobster rolls and intense margaritas outside the Tiki bar. It’s an ideal place to post and enjoy outdoor weather while watching good people watching and listening to strong topics. Bartenders are very friendly and may even require dogs to salted fish if properly requested. When I’m in the Tiki bar, I feel like the sun never sets.

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