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Baton Rouge, New Orleans People in Business for September 12, 2021 | Business – New Orleans, Louisiana

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Baton Rouge

Sundi Corbin Appointed as Chief Development Officer of Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank, When Seth Hatsfeld Appointed Chief Operating Officer.

Corbin began working at the Food Bank in April 2020 as Vice President of Development and Charity. She was previously the Development Director of the LSU Foundation, co-founder of the Centrilian Academy and founder of the school.

Hatsfelt has 8 years of manufacturing experience at Boise Cascade and Community Coffee. He holds a bachelor’s degree in agribusiness from LSU.


Sukosik Nominated to the Board of Directors Nexus Louisiana.

Kozik is Chief Information Officer and Senior Vice President of Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Louisiana. Kozik came to Blue Cross from Seattle-based Group Health and held senior technical leadership positions at TIAA-CREF, Lucent Technologies, and CIGNA.

New Orleans

Ryan Bates Is the new vice president of development IDP property.. Bates will be responsible for real estate development and new businesses in the New Orleans market, as well as overseeing eight IDP property apartments in Louisiana.

Bates is from New Orleans with a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Morehouse College. He began his professional career in asset management at JP Morgan, working as a large institutional investor and high net worth individual client.


Jennifer “Jen” Roberts Appointed Chief Executive Officer of Agenda for children, The oldest child advocacy group in the state.

Roberts will replace the recently retired Dr. Anthony “Tony” Rekasner.

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Roberts has been an advocate for children for over 20 years. She holds a bachelor’s degree from Bryn Mawr College and a master’s degree in education from Harvard University.


Brian McNamara Has been hired as a professor of public administration Faculty of Professional Studies, University of Tulane.

McNamara has 21 years of professional experience in the industry. He holds a bachelor’s degree in government from the US Coast Guard Academy, a master’s degree in administration from Old Dominion University, a law degree from William & Mary Law School, and a master’s degree in law from Train Law School.


Carmen James Randolph Appointed as Founding President and Chief Executive Officer of South Women’s Foundation..

The Southern Women’s Foundation was founded by women and girls to promote gender and racial justice. Randolph builds teams, mediates partnerships with female leaders in the South, and oversees the strategic direction and day-to-day operations of the organization. She has a background in philanthropic leadership and is a former vice president of the Greater New Orleans Foundation program.


Caroline D. Laforcade, of Gordon ArataWas appointed to the Tax Advisory Board of the Louisiana Legal Committee for three years from 2021 to 22.

Lafourcade previously belonged to a 13-member task force created to conduct research and recommendations to minimize worker misclassification in Louisiana.

Around Louisiana

J. Scott Ballard Appointed to the board of directors Home bank..

Ballard is the founder, CEO, and owner of. Ballad hospitality Co-owner with Ballad brand.. He has served on various leadership committees, including the LSU Supervisory Board Chairman, the St. Tammany Hospital Foundation Committee, the Louisiana Board of Directors, the Louisiana Economic Development Commission, and the Louisiana Chamber of Commerce. Ballard holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Political Science from the University of Tulane.

Baton Rouge, New Orleans People in Business for September 12, 2021 | Business Source link Baton Rouge, New Orleans People in Business for September 12, 2021 | Business

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