Battle Ground resident ‘saw things flying in the sky’ – Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon 2021-09-28 19:16:10 –

Ore Battleground (KOIN) -On Tuesday, the National Weather Service of Portland visited the battleground to conduct a weak tornado storm survey.

According to storm reports, the approximate time for the tornado was between 7:10 pm and 7:20 pm on Monday night. Although these types of tornadoes are short, they can cause harmful wind and destruction. The video from Tyler mode shows the rotation and support of what could be a tornado.

Neighbors said it was scary to look out and see the funnel forming. Evelyn Cunningham said a one-year-old dog, Pepper, was running through the house just before he found the tornado heading for them.

“I thought there was a sudden breeze and a little storm, but in a few minutes I saw everything flying in the sky,” Cunningham said. “I was surprised that it was a tornado, but since I am from the Midwest, I had seen a tornado before and thought it was like a tornado.” “

The family cleaned up on Tuesday. They said trees were blocking the road at some point, but since then they have cleared it up.

The Clark County Sheriff’s Office said no storm-related injuries had been reported.

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Battle Ground resident ‘saw things flying in the sky’ Source link Battle Ground resident ‘saw things flying in the sky’

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