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Battle over Badlands reaches boiling point – Las Vegas, Nevada

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Las Vegas (KTNV) — Bad feelings about the development of the Badlands Golf Course have reached the boiling point.

In addition to the millions of dollars taxpayers are spending in the withdrawn court battle, our elected officials are blaming each other for doublespeak and dirty deals.

For city council member Victoria Seaman, District 2 is heavy.

“Taxpayer dollars are here!” Seaman said. “This is not a problem in District 2. This is a city problem.”

A city that continues to fight defeated leaders over building homes on the abandoned Badlands Golf Course in Alta Drive and Lampert Boulevard.

“No one can win with this,” Seaman said. “Taxpayers aren’t winning. Developers aren’t winning. He’s paying taxes on his land.”

Developer Yohan Lowie pays more than $ 1 million in property taxes annually on land he can’t use. The land where the judge dominated the city was essentially seized By blocking the development plan.

The city voted to appeal the ruling..

“It’s Claps,” Seaman said. “It’s in court.”

If the ruling is upheld, Councilor Seaman says it can have catastrophic consequences.

“Hundreds of millions of dollars. And I don’t think people understand that.”

She wants to calm down. In her view, that’s the only way to stop taxpayer dollar bleeding.

Bob Bears, a former ward council member, was ready to wave the white flag many years ago.

“It wasn’t until I left that they started cultivating all their work to an outside company, which is a sign that the city is pretty confident they’ll lose the case.” Beer states in the 201913 Investigates report..

Beer said the city’s decision to fight Badlands’ residential zoning was unfounded and bad. A battle backed by a few wealthy Queensridge homeowners who didn’t want to develop on a closed golf course behind the house.

“Politics can be driven by money, and in this case it was very much,” Beer said.

Spreadsheets provided by the city show that taxpayers have spent more than $ 4 million on legal fees so far.

This is a conservative expression, “it could be over $ 10 million,” Seaman said.

What is the reason?

“Nothing,” Seaman replied. “We need to sit with the developers and we need to solve this.”

But things get so complicated that she finds herself involved in contradictions.

“I heard that the city contacted the developers and they weren’t interested in resolving the issue out of court,” Seaman said at a city council meeting on October 6th. It was resolved to keep it alive.

She then called Lowey herself to see if he was willing to discuss the settlement.

“And I was very encouraged that he was.”

Did anyone give Seaman bad information from the mayor’s office?

“I don’t know if the correct information was presented to me at that time,” she replied.

Seaman has been in conflict with other council members since taking office two years ago.

13 Investigates has been reporting this for a longer time.

“I can’t believe what’s happening here” Yohan Lowie said in a 2018 report..

Later there was a problem of fairness City council member Bob Coffin calls the developer “Scum” and “crazy Israelis” in blasphemous emails and text messages.

Lowie and his lawyer alleged that then councilors Coffin and Steve Seroka pose an obstacle to acting on behalf of the wealthiest and most powerful people in Queensridge.

At a hearing at the City Planning Commission in February 2017, Seloka said: community. Find the moral courage to stand up! ”

Seloka was involved in his own moral issues … Sexual harassment scandal involving one of his aides..

He resigned in March 2019.

Enter Victoria Seaman in a special election. She came out of the gate trying to put Badlands to sleep.

“Votes are needed to negotiate a settlement, and unfortunately we have to take everyone to the table, and those councilors will be responsible for the taxpayers.”

Their councilors are Stavros Anthony and Cedric Crear.

Claire quoted the pending proceedings and refused to talk about why they were still alive in the Badlands battle.

Voting records from 13 surveys show that both voted to reject all Lowie land use applications, despite consistent recommendations for approval from the planning committee and city officials. I am.

“I think it was political. I think there was bad blood between the developers and the former council members. I think it’s time for us to work!” Seaman said.

In the case of Congressman Claire, there was a question as to which job would be prioritized.

Crear is a former marketing director at Station Casinos. He also lists them as clients of his personal marketing business.

Station CEO Frank Fertita had a home to back up the Badlands and was a solid opponent of new developments there.

In September 2004, the Election Funds Report revealed that nearly half of Claire’s contributions to the State Senate campaign came from Station Casinos, its affiliates, and their executives.

At the time, Claire told The Las Vegas Sun, “Fertita has been my friend for over 30 years. They wanted to support my campaign. I love them.”

13 Chief Investigator Darcy Spears asked:

“I didn’t have any of those conversations with city councilman Claire,” Seaman said.

A potential conflict of interest was raised by a city lawyer a few years ago, but with no action.

13 Investigators tried to ask Claire City Councilor about it, but he didn’t speak and again quoted the proceedings in dispute.

So I told the facts to Dr. Abigail Aguilar, who teaches professional ethics at UNLV.

In the statement, she wrote:

“This is a very obvious case of conflict of interest, and my undergraduates would think it would be a joke if I used it as an example in a real-world case class. Engage in such behavior. Politicians to-It should not be in public office not to refuse to vote, let alone a very close relationship with stakeholders without disclosure. All other votes made by such politicians, and others. All actions (as financing), and a breach of public confidence that is essential for the government to function well. “

What responsibility does Seaman believe that other elected officials have in pointing out conflicts of interest?

“Well, my responsibility is to urge members of the council at our briefing that we need to think about the consequences of not trying to resolve this at the conference we held over Badlands. That’s what I did, and I did it over and over again, and it falls into the deaf and deaf. “

Seaman says he is trying to bring everyone together with the help of city managers and city lawyers.

Seaman said it felt politically motivated from the beginning. So does she feel it’s still going on?

“These are the questions you would have to ask other council members,” Seaman said.

But she apparently doesn’t understand why they are voting against allowing Lowey to develop his land and doesn’t seem to be participating in the reconciliation debate. Is it fair to say?

“It’s fair to say,” Seaman said.

Other council members don’t say, so Seaman reiterates, “We’re all losing, and we need to help them understand that it’s time to settle together.” increase.

Everyone except lawyers.

“It’s true,” Seaman admitted.

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