Battle Over Vaccine Mandates: Guardsman Speaks Out – Tulsa, Oklahoma

Tulsa, Oklahoma 2021-12-08 00:13:38 –

The National Guard of Tulsa, Oklahoma, told 2 News that he was vaccinated, but he wanted to speak on behalf of some of his colleagues in what he calls a severe predicament.

“I have to think of it like a big army position. As a leader, you need every army in battle, you need your man, you need your number Need … that is, if many people are sick, it can cause problems, but at the same time it’s a personal decision for everyone, “said Stephen Havener, a specialist at the Oklahoma National Guard. Told.

Steven Havenar is a member of the Oklahoma National Guard. He has fought for our country, our state, and our freedom.
He is now using his voice to fight on behalf of fellow guards who want freedom of choice regarding the COVID-19 vaccine.

“The fact that we are fighting for freedom is frustrating, but they are deprived of their freedom, but at the same time, they understand that it is a structured military environment and what they say works. “I am,” said Havener.

Havenar refers to the Pentagon directive, requiring all National Guard members to be fully vaccinated with COVID-19. A Pentagon memo released last month provided clear results for non-complianced service members, including reductions from training, promotion opportunities, educational benefits, and even wage cuts. Mr Havener said the directive puts many of his associates in a difficult situation.

“Many people rely on more than 250 to get from each drill to make up for their income, so it’s really hard for them,” Havenar said.

Last week, Attorney General O’Connor and Governor Stitt filed a proceeding against the Pentagon and the Biden administration, arguing that vaccine obligations were unconstitutional and that National Guard members would resign if they had to comply. Today, leaders, including Deputy General Mancino, are opposed to the Pentagon’s orders.

“The Governor, as mentioned in Title 32 USC, is the Commander-in-Chief and Commander-in-Chief of the Oklahoma Army National Guard and the Air National Guard, and federal requirements cannot necessarily be ruled out, but they can be decided. How, if and when, and that’s exactly what he did in the state, he said he wouldn’t enforce that obligation in Oklahoma, “Brig said. General Mancino, Deputy General of Oklahoma, said.

Havener said the Pentagon’s orders stir up conversations among his fellow National Guards.

“I know many people are saying why they appear if they don’t get paid, you know what I mean. I’m not responsible at all Nobody wants to go to work for free. ”

He also said that the mission jeopardized the hard work of many.

“Such people have been with us for long periods of time, like 10 or 12 years, and will retire. After that, I think this will happen and we won’t be able to reach our goals.” I did. For me it’s a mess. They have spent a lot of time on something. Just to pull it away from them, “Havenar said.

It’s a difficult call, but he wants each of them to choose wisely.

“I’m already vaccinated, so it doesn’t affect the scale that affects others. The biggest thing is how it affects others, especially below. Like junior soldiers and people in. They aren’t going to be vaccinated and I’ve already talked to them about it, but they’re ready to face those consequences, “Havenar said. Told.

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Battle Over Vaccine Mandates: Guardsman Speaks Out Source link Battle Over Vaccine Mandates: Guardsman Speaks Out

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