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Baylor is back to bid for the undefeated season. It’s not an easy return. The second bear …

Baylor is back to bid for the undefeated season.

It’s not an easy return.

No. 2 Bears is back from the long COVID-19. This week, there will be 3 games in 5 days.

Baylor will return to court on Tuesday against Iowa State University for the first time in three weeks. Bears will be preparing for West Virginia No. 10 and will have two days to play again in Kansas No. 17.

“I want to believe that I can resume where I left off,” said Jared Butler, Baylor’s junior guard. “In the first few minutes it will be a little difficult to get the wind back, but in the end I think it will return to the ditch.”

Baylor overcame the previous coronavirus pause and continued to win, rivaling top-ranked Gonzaga as the only undefeated team in Division I.

Bears (17-0, 9-0 Big 12) had to pause after defeating 14th Texas on February 2nd, forcing them to postpone six games. Baylor lost eight games at COVID-19.

In the opening game with Iowa State University, Bears should be able to easily return to the live game flow. Hawkeye is 2-16 and 0-13 in the big 12 games.

After that it becomes quite tough.

West Virginia is now back in the top ten after defeating Texas last week and is one of the most difficult teams to play in college basketball.

The Bears then have to play at Allenfield House, one of the toughest roads in the game.

They are also catching the Jayhawks at a bad time. After struggling to drop out of the AP Top 25 for the first time in 232 weeks last month, Kansas achieved five consecutive victories, including Texas Tech in 18th place and above. 23 Oklahoma.

The Jayhawks will be out of the 14th Texas match on Thursday.

“When I see everyone else playing, I feel like I’m missing out,” Butler said. “What do you call it when your parents punish you and you can’t go out and play with your friends? That was like that.”

Top 10 Big Ten

3rd Michigan and 4th Ohio State University were one of the best games of the season on Saturday, winning 92-87 Wolverines.

Both teams will play different top 10 games this week against the same opponent.

Michigan (16-1, 11-1 Big Ten) will face 9th Iowa on Thursday. This is definitely another high level game. Wolverine will also face Indiana on Saturday.

Buckeyes struggled at Michigan State University on Thursday and will host Hawkeye on Sunday.

Both are must-see games.

Tide title?

No. 9 Alabama has a chance to do something this week that hasn’t been achieved for 19 years. It’s about winning the regular season title at the Southeastern Conference.

Crimson Tide will be able to win at least part of the title at the 20th Arkansas on Wednesday. The Razorbucks have been doing well lately, with this week’s vote increasing four consecutive wins and then four places.

Alabama then played in Mississippi on Saturday, winning an eight-point Crimson Tide earlier this season.

Undefeated Zag

Gonzaga’s bid for the undefeated season may end this week, with the exception of additions to the schedule.

Zags (22-0, 13-0 WCC) will host Santa Clara on Thursday and Loyola Marymount on Saturday. Winning them could make Gonzaga the first wire-to-wire team to take first place in the AP Top 25 since Kentucky in 2014-15.

The West Coast Conference Tournament will be held in Las Vegas on March 4th. Gonzaga will be the top seed, so it won’t start until the semi-finals on March 8th.


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