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BBQ Hall of Fame recognizes what we already knew – Kansas City, Missouri

Kansas City, Missouri 2021-11-30 17:00:13 –

Courtesy Gates BBQ

Like the rest of the city, we pitch We know that Kansas City style barbecue is arguably the best in the world. No one does it like we do, and the Barbecue Hall of Fame admits it.

Ollie Gates, owner of Gates Bar BQ and responsible for growing Gates Restaurant and Legacy to its current state, has been appointed this year. Arthur Bryant (former Pitmaster, owner of Arthur Bryant, founder of Burnt End) was added to the hall as a Legacy member after his death.

Both men can admit the barbecue style to Henry Perry, the creator of Kansas City Barbecue. Brian worked directly under Perry. Arthur Bryant was the legacy restaurant he left behind after Perry’s death. Gates learned how to barbecue Perry from Perry’s former apprentice, Arthur Pincard, a pit master of Arthur Pincard, Olken Tucky (the original name of Gates Bar-BQ).

Gates and Bryant inherited Perry’s legacy and made Kansas City the capital of today’s barbecue. It was a thing of the past that the Barbecue Hall of Fame acknowledged Gates and Bryant’s genius and contributions to barbecue.

Previous Kansas City enrollees include Joe’s Kansas City BBQ Jeff Steny co-founder Perry and Dr. Rich Davis, creator of the KC Masterpiece BBQ sauce.

BBQ Hall of Fame recognizes what we already knew Source link BBQ Hall of Fame recognizes what we already knew

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