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Bakersfield, California 2021-10-19 21:15:00 –

Valley Strong Credit Union has made a long-term $ 2 million commitment to support Bakersfield College’s efforts to move Kern County to a brighter future for renewable energy.

The Kahn Community College District Council unanimously voted on Tuesday to “Valley Strong” BC’s various energy-related efforts after the Bakersfield-based credit union offered to pay the sum for over 20 years. We named it “Energy Institute”.

Inspired by the county’s B3K prosperity collaboration, this gift is expected to help maintain university partnerships with the National Institute of Renewable Energy, including technology webins for a wider community. Regional economic competitiveness.

This is the first private gift to support BC’s energy-related workforce development, hoping that the university’s engineering program and the recent Prime Minister of the NREL Partnership District, Sonia Christian, will lead to local applied research projects. It is clear from the fact that there is.

Valley Strong’s pledge reflects the type of cooperation envisioned by B3K collaborators seeking to enhance local employment opportunities in the face of regulatory and market-based challenges to oil production and agriculture.

After a press conference in downtown Bakersfield, President and CEO Nick Ambrosini mentioned B3K’s efforts to expand and re-expand the local economy. He said the NREL partnership offers endless possibilities.

“We’re happy to help get it on track,” he said.

Christians said gifts primarily support contracts with NREL. However, in addition to funding additional free public webinars, she has advanced the district in the area of ​​”technology transfer,” that is, the practical application of energy research at UCLA and other universities. I expected it to help.

Soon she hopes to focus more on carbon management. This means carbon capture and sequestration, or “CCS,” in the context of energy. Take greenhouse gases out of the air and either bury them permanently or use them for some aggressive use.

At the event on Tuesday, California Resources Corp, a local oil producer who is a major supporter of the state’s CCS. Representatives attended. In addition to proposing a multi-billion dollar carbon burial project in California, CRC Regulatory and Foreign Affairs Director Joe Ashley has implemented a number of sustainability measures in line with recent climate policy from Sacramento. He said he was aiming to achieve it.

BC’s newly named laboratory was originally conceived as BC’s NREL “virtual campus,” and said Christians would one day become a physical place to learn about renewable energy.

She told reporters Tuesday that KCCD’s energy initiative is part of a community college effort to redefine the outlook for workforce development and economic development. Instead of responding to changing times, she said KCCD actively helps bring jobs to kerning.

“We need to be children’s players of work available,” she said.

BC gets $2M energy commitment from Valley Strong | News Source link BC gets $2M energy commitment from Valley Strong | News

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