Be aware of this false information when Congress meets to prove the election.

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President Trump and his supporters continue to disseminate rumors, conspiracy theories, and false information about voting as Congress meets Wednesday to prove Joseph R. Biden Jr.’s victory in the November elections. ..

Below are six allegations of fraudulent voting that may be repeated during the procedure on Wednesday.

Claim: The Dominion Voting System, which creates software used by local governments across the country to help hold elections, has removed the vote for President Trump.

fact: According to the federal agency that oversees election security, there is no evidence that voting systems have deleted or lost votes, including machines with Dominion software.

Background: In the weeks following the election, President Trump and his supporters spread unfounded claims about Dominion. The allegations included the theory that “software glitches” changed voting counts in several states, including Michigan and Georgia. No such change has been found so far.

Mr. Trump and his supporters subsequently claimed that Dominion hid evidence of fraudulent voting by destroying the machine or removing parts inside the machine. Mr. Trump repeated these allegations on a phone call with Georgia’s Secretary of State last weekend. “It’s all easy, and probably wrong,” Georgia’s chief election officer, Gabriel Sterling, said on Monday about allegations of fraud in the state.

Claim: President Trump and his supporters argue that Georgia’s absentee ballot is fraudulent and state officials have not fully investigated it.

fact: Election authorities audited the absentee ballot and found that “there was no fraudulent absentee ballot.”

Background: Georgian Secretary of State Republican Brad Lafenceparger told law enforcement and election investigators over 15,000 absentee ballots in Cobb County based on complaints that signatures were not properly checked. Ordered to carry out an audit of. The audit did not find any fraud. Raffensperger also plans to conduct state-wide audits of each county’s signature verification policies and procedures.

In Georgia, all 5 million votes cast in the state have already been recounted twice, manually and mechanically. No fraudulent votes were found.

Claim: In an interview with the conservative cable channel Newsmax in December, Arizona Republican President Kelly Ward said 200,000 votes had been digitally modified to win Mr Biden and Congressman Paul Gosar. Amplified falsity on Twitter..

fact: Arizona audits have found no evidence of fraudulent voting and have not changed the voting count.

Background: Early results in Arizona showed close competition, but final counts revealed that Biden beat the state with more than 10,000 votes.

Audits in the four largest counties in Arizona, which account for 86% of all Arizona votes, found no evidence of systematic fraudulent voting.

Claim: Supporters of President Trump pointed out the video as evidence that ballots were withdrawn from the “suitcase” at the ballot counting center in Atlanta.

fact: Election officials said the surveillance video shows the normal voting process. It is not uncommon for polling place workers to keep ballots that need to be counted at polling stations.

Background: Late November 3, as the New York Times reported, electoral workers in Fulton County, Georgia were allowed to stop counting and retire in the evening. So they packed countless ballots in their suitcases and prepared to lock them in. When the news came that they couldn’t get out yet, they pulled out their suitcases and started counting ballots again.

However, the scene of election workers taking out ballot suitcases was selectively edited and pushed by President Trump’s allies as one of many false theories alleged to prove widespread election fraud. it was done. Conspirators also nominated electoral worker Ruby Freeman as a particular player in this false conspiracy case.

Claim: President Trump’s campaign claims that Pennsylvania’s electoral authorities have improperly processed tens of thousands of mail votes in violation of state election law.

fact: Of the Trump campaign Evidence does not support legal efforts to disqualify votes in Pennsylvania.

Background: The Trump campaign filed several claims in court seeking to invalidate Pennsylvania’s election results, and Mr. Trump’s ally, Senator Josh Hawley, said, “Some states, especially Pennsylvania, He said he disagreed with the results because he did not obey their state. Election law. “

However, the Trump campaign does not contain evidence that the vote was illegal.

At a hearing on November 17, President Trump’s private lawyer, Rudolph W. Giuliani, admitted that there was no evidence to support the allegations of fraudulent voting in Pennsylvania. “This is not a fraud case,” Giuliani said.

Four days later, the judge who oversaw the case dismissed the proceedings. Also last month, Judge Stephanos Vivas, Judge Trump of the US Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit, said in a ruling: “Calling an election unfair does not. The claim requires specific allegations and evidence. Neither is here.”

Claim: Vice President Mike Pence can reject state electors in the Electoral College.

fact: Federal law stipulates that the role of the Vice President is to count the votes of the Electoral College, not to determine whether they are valid.

Background: President Trump on Tuesday False claim on Twitter Mr. Pence has the authority to reject electors when the Electoral College’s vote is approved.

As President of the Senate, Mr. Pence is expected to preside over the proforma certification of the Electoral College’s votes before the joint session of the United States Congress. The only election certificate available for Vice President Pence to preside is one approved by each state.

Bendecker and Jacob Silver contributed to the research.

Be aware of this false information when Congress meets to prove the election.

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