Be on the lookout for afternoon storms – Florence, South Carolina

Florence, South Carolina 2021-07-27 09:56:43 –

There is a potential for storms in the area today and tomorrow. Tuesdays begin with showers and storms, with more storms in the afternoon. Heat index values ​​are still in the mid-to-first half of the 90’s, with some reaching 100 during the day.

The possibility of a storm moves on Wednesday nights and gets dry and hot on weekends. Some spots can reach 100 at the actual high temperatures on Friday, with a heat index slightly above 105.

Weekend temperatures are not very high, but the heat index remains close to 100. The chances of a storm or storm return on weekends, and the chances of a Sunday afternoon are slightly higher. The possibility of a storm begins next week and will maintain the highs of the 80’s on Monday.

Today: Partially sunny and humid, with scattered storms. High: 90-92 inland, 86-87 beach.

Tonight: It’s mostly cloudy, with showers and storms. Low: 72-74 inland, 76-77 beach.

Wednesday: Partially sunny, hot and humid, with isolated storms. High: 91-93 inland, 87-88 beaches.

Be on the lookout for afternoon storms Source link Be on the lookout for afternoon storms

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