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Beach businesses banding together after break-ins – Virginia Beach, Virginia

Virginia Beach, Virginia 2022-05-19 21:51:27 –

Virginia Beach, Virginia (WAVY) — Virginia Beach businesses are united after a series of robbery.

Local car dealers, gas stations and restaurants are all sacrificed.

Police haven’t tied them up, but they may be involved. A recent incident was a robbery that occurred two days ago at Crazy Shirley’s Barand Grill. The owner was injured after being hit with a pistol. Seven-Eleven was also a hit.

Two weeks earlier, a car dealership was looted.

Surveillance videos captured during the intrusion show two masked men on foot smashing the doors of Oceana Motors’ office and running through the business looking for something to steal.

Gilbert Buzz, Manager of Oceana Motors, said:

This time, Buzz says they took it off with their old cell phone. For the first time, three months ago, a thief kicked two cars out of a car shop premises.

“We came in the morning. Everywhere on the premises we have all the keys and we can see the cuts in the windows. When we checked the cars, two cars were missing,” Buzz said. increase.

Chevrolet Cruze and Nissan Altima were missing from Lot. According to Buzz, Norfolk police have recovered a car. The engine was destroyed. The second car was not found.

“I’m glad they didn’t receive anything expensive,” Buzz said.

Buzz just wants to catch the thief.

“Are you frustrated? The police were here. They worked and took fingerprints and blood, but we still don’t know,” Buzz said.

Buzz is also in contact with other targeted businesses such as Crazy Charlize Bar and Grill. Staff said three men with guns were traumatized last Tuesday at noon after leaving with a woman’s purse and a cash drawer. They declined the interview.

The intrusion is still under investigation.

Beach businesses banding together after break-ins Source link Beach businesses banding together after break-ins

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