Beach to Bay runners fuel up on Pasta – Riverside, California

Riverside, California 2022-05-20 21:08:17 –

Corpus Christi, Texas — Friday night, beach-to-bay marathons gathered at a local restaurant to replenish energy-enhancing carbohydrates ahead of a major Saturday race.

“We hope to keep hydrating, resting a bit tonight, carbs and having a good race tomorrow,” said runner Joshua Brunemeier.

The restaurant he chose was the Olive Garden because of the variety of pasta dishes filled with carbohydrates.

The restaurant manager says it’s every year that more people get together than usual on the eve of Beach to Bay.

“It was prepared by us,” said Cameron Handy, Olive Garden Manager. “And make sure you have a full kitchen and a full server, and everything they can prepare.”

Instead of a national chain, some marathoners ate at Corpus Christi’s own Frank Spaghetti House. There is an increase in business every year prior to the race.

Other runners chose home cooking.

“We have some friends to make pasta tonight, so I’m excited about it,” said race participant Chris McCoy.

However, there are other marathoners in South Texas who are handing pasta and preparing for race day with more authentic food.

“Of course, we also have delicious Mexican food,” said Tricia Cantwell. “No pasta, just mom’s enchilada.”

Beach to Bay runners fuel up on Pasta Source link Beach to Bay runners fuel up on Pasta

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