Beach Volleyball Star Boycotts Qatar Tournament Over Bikini Ban | Sports

German beach volleyball stars Karla Borger and Julia Sud have announced that they will boycott the tournament in Qatar. Qatar is the “only country” where players are prohibited from wearing bikinis on the court.

“We’re there to work, but we’re prevented from wearing work clothes,” Boger told radio station Deutschlandfunk on Sunday. “This is really the only country and the only tournament where the government teaches us how to work. We criticize it.”

Qatar is hosting the next FIVB World Tour event, but due to strict rules on dressing on the court, World Championship silver medalist Boger and her double partner Sud have avoided the event.

The March event is the first to host a women’s beach volleyball event after Doha has hosted a men’s competition for seven years.

Still, female players are required to wear shirts and long trousers instead of regular bikinis. This is a rule that the World Beach Volleyball Federation (FIVB) claims to “do not respect the culture and traditions of the host country.”

Boger and Soud told Spiegel over the weekend that they “did not obey” the rules imposed by the Qatari authorities. Boger said he was usually happy to be “adapted to any country”, but the heat wave in Doha meant that he needed a bikini.

Her teammate Sood pointed out that Qatar had previously made an exception to female track and field athletes at the 2019 World Athletics Championships in Doha.

Although not as hot as the scorching summer months, temperatures in the Gulf countries can reach 30 ° C (86F) in March.

Talking to German Radio on Sunday, Boger asked if Qatar was a suitable host country.

“I’m asking if I need to hold a tournament there,” she said.

Qatar has hosted more and more major sporting events in recent decades, but is controversial due to its human rights records, lack of sporting history, and cruel heat.

Heat and humidity were big issues During road racing At last year’s World Athletics Championships, there were allegations of discriminatory labor practices and human rights abuses. Is subject to thorough scrutiny Prior to next year’s Soccer World Cup.

Beach Volleyball Star Boycotts Qatar Tournament Over Bikini Ban | Sports

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