Bear gets up close and personal with Ring doorbell – Florence, South Carolina

Florence, South Carolina 2021-10-09 11:21:50 –

Evergreen, ColoradoKDVR) — Earlier this week, a bear was caught by a camera trying to break into a Colorado home.

Todd Mitchem said the bear was caught by a ring doorbell camera around 3:16 am on Sunday.

“So … errr … I mean … hello friends,” said Mikem.

Bears are trying to refuel for the winter when the first freeze is possible in Colorado next week.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife said Bear is in bulimiaThe bear is a process of eating and drinking almost non-stop as it fattens for hibernation and currently consumes about 20,000 calories per day.

Do you live in an area with bears? Here are some useful tips for bear proofing your home:

  • Please keep your trash in a safe place.
  • Please take out the trash only in the morning of the pickup.
  • Clean the trash can regularly to avoid the smell of food. Ammonia is effective.
  • Use a trash can or dumplings that are resistant to bears.
  • Do not leave pet food or stock feeds outside.
  • Bird feeders are a major cause of bear-human conflict. The flowers and bathing naturally attract birds. Do not hang bird feeders from April 15th to November 15th.
  • Do not feed and attract other wildlife such as deer, turkeys and small mammals.
  • Don’t allow bears to be comfortable around your home. If you see it, yell, throw something, or make a noise to scare it.
  • Fix the pile of compost. Bears are attracted to the aroma of rotten food.
  • Clean the grill after each use.
  • Clean up thoroughly after a picnic in the yard or deck.
  • If you have fruit trees, make sure the fruits do not rot on the ground.
  • If you have small livestock, keep them in a completely covered enclosure. Build an electric fence if possible. Do not store livestock food outdoors. Keep the enclosure clean to minimize odors. Hang a rag soaked in ammonia or pine sol around the enclosure.
  • If you have a beehive, install an electric fence where you are allowed.
  • Talk to your neighbors and children about what you are aware of bears.
  • Keep the garage door closed.

Bear gets up close and personal with Ring doorbell Source link Bear gets up close and personal with Ring doorbell

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