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Beau Chene, Westminster enjoying encouraging 2-0 starts under new head coaches | High Schools – New Orleans, Louisiana

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Under the direction of Marquez Lewis’s first year coach, the Boschen Gators are 2-0 after the program wins two games from 2018 to 2020.

“The school is a very lively environment,” said Lewis, whose team hosts Mamou (1-1) on Friday. “Whenever you are 2-0, people are happy.”

Lewis acknowledges many of the Gator’s quickstart achievements to his staff, including Keelon Bruno (defensive coordinator), Junavioncias (secondary / special team), Jamal Chevis (receiver) and offense coordinator Jacobitieri. increase.

Lewis took Bruno and Sias from Carencro to Boschen. Chevis is one of the best players in school history and Thierry has experience as a head coach.

“The staff got together by swimming,” Lewis said. “It’s a new regiment mixed with an old regiment. Sometimes it takes time to jelly, but it worked right away for us. I hope it continues.”

Russell Wheeler hastened six touchdowns and played two 100-yard games. Quarterback Jaki Sharp threw 200 yards at Boshen, who defeated Bolton 45-38 and Portbury 38-12.

“Sharp ordered the attack in a phenomenal way,” Lewis said of a 6-foot-2, 195-pound junior. “Our attack pushed the boundaries at its fast tempo.”

When it comes to defense, Ross Bertrand, a 5-foot 11, 210-pound senior linebacker, has lived up to pre-season expectations.

“Ross is a very aggressive three-year starter,” Lewis said. “He’s like a sponge. He loves to learn and works very hard. Last week he had 11 tackles and he made three passcuts against Portbury. I would also like to acknowledge the achievements of the secondary. “

Westminster Christian Travis Blaze is another local coach who is 2-0 in his first year as head coach. The Crusaders will host the Hanson Memorial (2-0) at home after winning Roadwin with Janeret and Northlake Christians.

“We’re all about 1-0 thinking,” Blaze said. “We are focused on one fight at a time. We have won the scrimmage and the jamboree, but we continue to accept the idea of ​​1-0 every week.”

Senior full-back Bryant Moore rushes 325 yards and four touchdowns with 36 carries.

“He was a model of consistency,” Blaze said. “Our attack line is getting better and better. In the first week, Janeretto had a big, athletic linebacker with the ability to run from sideline to sideline. We were challenged early on. I did.

“Last week North Lake Christians had a good defensive line. Our team understood their plans and was able to do an absolutely amazing job. Our correct tackle, Randon Leblanc, is like a nail. It’s tough. “

Brenley and Caleb Saboa also scored high last week with a WCA 34-7 victory.

“Savoie played like a haunted man,” Blaze said. “He’s our attracting lightguard. He’s not a mean kid. We have to challenge him to be mean. If our group plays that way all year long. For example, we will be solid in the run game. “

Gauge Burton completed 10 out of 15 passes at 125 yards last week. His favorite target was Zack Bashira (3-53, TD), who added a 9-yard rush to complete the pass, splitting a total of 6 tackles and 2 passes. “

“The gauge is around the corner,” Blaze said. “He had some jitter in the first week, and some of it may be related to my actions on the sidelines. He turned the corner as a leader.

“During the match, he turned to the bystanders and told me to call for a particular play. He’s more relaxed. Last week he threw an early interception. During the summer, it was him. He may have reached, but he shook it off and then kept the ball away from harm. “

Hanson beat St. John-Plaquemine (34-6) and Del Campre (32-27) 2-0.

“Hanson changed coaches this year,” Blaze said. “Their plans are now much more efficient. When it comes to defense, they do a lot of different things. They sit at a glance and say,” This is our weakness. Attack. ” Hmm.

“They will have the best players on the field with (Eugene) foul card kids. They are 2-0 for a reason. 1A simple you don’t have the number that bigger schools have. There is no game. “

Beau Chene, Westminster enjoying encouraging 2-0 starts under new head coaches | High Schools Source link Beau Chene, Westminster enjoying encouraging 2-0 starts under new head coaches | High Schools

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