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Since Beaufort Community College announced on June 7th that it will launch the Beaufort Promise Program on July 1, the university has received approximately 1,300 applications, with more than 2,000 applications this year.

“In the first seven months, the number of applications has already increased beyond the total normally seen in a year,” said BCCC President David Loope.

Beaufort Promise is a program that uses new and existing state and federal funding to cover tuition and fees for college credit courses and initial certification classes offered through the Continuing Education Department. The program begins on July 1st and ends on May 16th, 2023. The program draws funds from North Carolina Longleaf Commitment, American Rescue Plan, Career and College Promise, Pell Grant, NC Works, State Employee Credit Union, and Golden. Reef Foundation and BCCC Foundation. This is the last $ 1 program. This means that students need to work with financial aid offices and other staff to run out of all other qualified funding sources before the Beaufort Promise dollar begins.

All residents of North Carolina are eligible for the program, regardless of whether they are in the university’s service area. For part-time and full-time students.

“Current enrollment for people who have actually completed their application and are enrolled in the fall semester class has increased by about 18.5% since last fall,” Loope said. “Well, last fall, of course, thanks to COVID, it was much less than we usually see.

“And we know that our students prefer to be in a face-to-face environment, even more than our classmates prefer to be in a face-to-face environment,” Loupe adds. I did. “So it’s very important to us to make it available to them.”

This program does not cover attendance costs such as textbooks, housing and transportation. The university states that it can connect students to resources such as laptops, printing, and internet access. Other sources of funding, such as scholarships, can cover fees not included in the Beaufort Promise.

Loope said the university has increased its workforce to keep up with the recent surge in applications.

“We had to add staff and student services to admissions and financial assistance, but the US rescue program from the federal government allows us to pay for it in institutional support dollars. “Lupe said. “Therefore, we were able to help important areas, especially admissions and funding staff, handle the influx of documents and documents associated with university applications and funding.”

Beaufort Promise offers everyone an opportunity, from first-time college students to those looking to earn the last few credits required for a degree.

“Some of the numbers won’t be visible until a later date, but anecdotally many people are in the process of getting a degree, so there were only a few classes to get a degree,” BCCC spokesman and marketing said. The coordinator said. Attila Mets. “That is, just finishing a few classes could end a semester of class and earn more money from work, get the job done, or get the job you’ve always wanted. But for some reason, they couldn’t get a degree for the first time. I’ve heard a lot of those stories. “

Loope said the program has helped universities achieve their goal of “touching as many lives as possible.”

“That’s our purpose,” said Loupe. “We are here for students who want to live a better life and increase financial and social mobility. That’s what we do in business.”

Loop said it has been his long-standing dream to make community colleges available to local residents for free.

“This is limited to 2023, but we really hope to make it permanent through funding from the Beaufort Promise Scholarship Program after 2023,” says Loope. “It’s an important first step for us, so we want to make it better and ensure that it lasts beyond 2023.”

Beaufort Promise unlocks new opportunities for BCCC students – Washington Daily News Source link Beaufort Promise unlocks new opportunities for BCCC students – Washington Daily News

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