Beautiful and brilliant Fornasari 99, from 2012

Today’s Rare Ride comes from a brand your author has never heard of Tweet yesterday. My fingers couldn’t fly fast enough to get more information about this beautiful sight of an off-road luxury grand touring SUV. Are your eyes ready?

Fornasari was founded in Italy in 1999 and is named after its founder, Giuseppe Fornasari. Mr. F worked with an investor and some of his friends to launch a whole new off-road luxury car company. Fornasari has been interested in sporty cars since the early 90’s. He wanted to buy a Corvette (C4, very good) in the US and bring it to the race.It’s unclear if that happened, but what’s clear is its fornasari did I created several different models in the early 2010s. To be exact, there are seven.

The largest portfolio of brands was 99 (sometimes called RR99). The only 4-door car produced by the company was thought to be in one special and beautiful package, with all the qualities of a grand touring car, a luxury sedan, and a genuine off-road vehicle.

Powered by a 6.2-liter or 7.0-liter V8 engine from the Corvette, who loved Fornasari. In short, power-on offers ranged from 500 to 750 horses, depending on how quickly the buyer wanted to escape the deliciousness. The simpler 3.0-liter turbo-diesel, which managed only 250 horses, was introduced after some time. The transmission offered was of the 6-speed manual or 6-speed automatic type. The standard drivetrain configuration was four-wheel drive, but rear-wheel drive was also available.

The exterior was widely configurable and the 99 was a custom made vehicle manufactured to the customer’s request. Paint and interior colors, “formula” compatible brakes, touring or off-road suspension. The material of the body was also configurable. Spendy’s customers chose carbon fiber, but aluminum was also an option. The interior was a fusion of what looked like a Cadillac DTS and STS component with another bit of unknown origin. The headlamps arrived from Lamborghini via the tail Aston Martin.The video below does not show the body roll, but it’s a really global effort Pretty To Aston or Lamborghini standards.

It is unknown how many 99s were produced and how long the company was actually open. There are few secure bets and we couldn’t find any 99 current or past sale lists.Company’s website (Still in operation) Debuted in 2011, but hasn’t been updated since September 2012. Fornasari participated in the race for several years while manufacturing luxury sports cars. According to the Wiki, the company went bankrupt by 2015.

[Images: Fornasari]

Beautiful and brilliant Fornasari 99, from 2012

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