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Beautiful and sunny fall day with high fire danger along the New Mexico border – Colorado Springs, Colorado

Colorado Springs, Colorado 2021-10-18 06:38:07 –

Today’s weather forecast:
Most of southern Colorado has a truly wonderful autumn day in refreshing, warm daytime conditions!

There is a high risk of fire along the southern border of strong winds and low humidity. It’s not burning today. Be sure to call me if you get smoke.

It will be warmer than average today and most areas will remain below freezing tonight.

Colorado Springs: High: 75; Low: 42. It’s mostly sunny today, there is a high risk of fire, and the sky is dry, so it’s refreshing.

PUEBLO: High: 80; Low: 41. Sunny skies, refreshing daytime conditions, and high risk of fire make it dry and warm.

Canon City: high: 77; Low: 45. It is almost sunny and refreshing due to the high risk of fire and the dry sky.

Woodland Park: high: 65; Low: 35. Mostly sunny to partially cloudy with comfortable daytime and dry skies.

Try Lake: high: 1960s; Low: 30s. Sunny skies, dry conditions, and comfortable temperatures with a high risk of fire.

Hirano: high: in her 80’s; Low: Forties. A sunny sky with strong winds and a high risk of fire. South of Highway 50, fire alerts increase the risk of fire.

Walsenberg / Trinidad: high: 70’s; Low: Forties. Due to the low humidity and gusts of up to 30 mph, there is an increased risk of fire along I-25 from Huerfano County to Las Animas County.

Mountain: High: 1960s; Low: 30s. Today it is windy, with winds blowing across mountains and valleys, with partially cloudy skies and dry daytime conditions. Throughout the night, snow can travel across the western and central mountains, crossing the highlands a few inches.

Expanded outlook:
On Tuesday, fire alarms will be further disseminated due to the high risk of fire in the counties of El Paso, Fremont and Pueblo. Tomorrow will be a cold front, returning nearly 10 degrees from today’s highest temperatures.

Wednesday mornings can drop to near freezing, but warmer every day throughout the weekend. In southern Colorado, you need to stay dry from today to Sunday.

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Beautiful and sunny fall day with high fire danger along the New Mexico border Source link Beautiful and sunny fall day with high fire danger along the New Mexico border

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