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Portland, Oregon 2021-09-20 19:21:05 –

Homeless camper vans appearing in the neighborhood

KOIN, Oregon — Deborah Brown said an inoperable van had been parked in a street near Beaverton for about three years. She reported it to the city many times, but she said police told her she couldn’t tow it because people lived there.

Brown is worried about a homeless camper in his neighborhood. She believes Portland is being attacked by the homeless and sees the problem spreading to Beaverton.

Police told KOIN6 News that she couldn’t tow the van, but told the people living in the van that the sidewalks couldn’t be trashed. However, she often sees trash in bushes and around vans.

Deborah Brown is concerned about homelessness in Beaverton on September 20, 2021 (KOIN)

“It’s not good for everyone. It’s not good for people living in vans. It’s not good for the neighborhood. I’m worried about hygiene. Police said there was a temporary toilet in the library, but it’s a 20-minute walk. So it’s not a viable solution, “Brown told KOIN 6 News.
“If someone needs help, if someone needs help, get the help they need.”

She wants the “powers that exist” in multiple cities on the west coast to do more to accommodate people and get the resources they need to get down the street.

“I keep saying I’m not smart enough to come up with an idea, but someone needs to have an idea of ​​how to take people to a house or on the street, because it’s good for them and the community. Because it’s not, it’s not good for everyone, “she said.

Police officials told KOIN6 News that they knew the van. They said they were trying to give them a place to live and provided them with resources.

Beaverton resident: Homelessness ‘not good for anybody’ Source link Beaverton resident: Homelessness ‘not good for anybody’

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