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After spending more than two years as a couple, engagement, and baby daughter, former “Below Deck Med” star Hannah Feria finally officialized her super shy fiance Josh Instagram with nice pictures.

I have him!former Under the deck med Chief stew Hannah Feria Dating her boyfriend — now fiancé — Josh Roberts Since October 2018. Despite appearing on one of Bravo’s hottest reality shows, the 34-year-old is incredibly shy and always wants to stay out of the limelight. Hannah finally made him an Instagram official on January 14, 2021 and shared a photo of her two new parents staring behind the rolling hills of Sydney, Australia.

“Okook … I’m here. Instagram official. Love you baby x,” Hannah added a caption to the photo. She joked about how his gaze was interpreted as a strange gaze, adding a comment, “PS This is how he sees me about 89% of the time.”

Originally from Sydney, Hannah has long obscured a handsome Scottish man. Even when she announced her pregnancy on June 8, 2020, she hadn’t yet published Josh’s full name or a photo of her dad.But once their daughter Ava Grace Roberts Arriving on November 2, 2020, Josh was taking some pictures of his new family paparazzi together in Sydney, so his cover had been blown away.

Even on October 26th, the dating anniversary of the last two years, Hannah simply shared her photo and a message to the man. To commemorate the second anniversary of 2020, the former Bravostar showed off her portrait next to the sea while she was very pregnant. Hannah wrote: “My second anniversary with a gorgeous man. I can’t say in words how much I’m looking forward to this next chapter,” said the caption. A year ago, she shared an IG photo in a cute mini dress on vacation and wrote, “A year of crazy the same guy.”

The couple got engaged on Hannah’s 34th birthday. She shared an IG post on November 23, 2020, flashing a diamond ring on her finger and writing in the caption, “Then there were three … and one ring.” Still, she hasn’t officially made Josh IG until now.

In June 2020, as the pregnancy was revealed, Hannah shared that the couple met at a bar in Sydney in 2018. She has just returned home from the season four shoot. Under the deck med.. “He’s so private and hates social media, so that’s definitely what I respect. It’s probably the best. It’s like dating someone who’s fascinated by Instagram and taking selfies. I don’t think I can, “Hanna explained to Bravo Insider. “He is very modest.”

Become IG Official – Hollywood Life

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