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Stillwater, Oklahoma — Dr. Courtney Beer, a professor of agriculture at Oklahoma State University, raises bees at his home in Stillwater.

“Actually, bees are allowed under the Oklahoma Apiary Act. You can keep bees in the backyard. Be sure to take a class. See what you are doing. And make sure you’re talking to your neighbors. Good neighbors are important. “

Bees are very smart. In fact, when hobby hives are installed in a person’s yard, they know exactly where they live.

“That is, the bees fly about 3 miles. I fly orientation when I’m young, and I know where I live. So I come back to the hive every night. Nectar from all of my neighbor’s flowers. And deposits pollen, “she explained.

Dr. Bill says that bees are very harmonious with the weather and can feel subtle atmospheric changes.

“Everyone goes in and out of the hive, so we know if it’s going to rain. I don’t like being caught in a storm. I’m sensitive to changes in barometric pressure and temperature,” says Bir. Said.

Bees, with many of us, do not enjoy the end of spring and the heat of summer. They know when to cool down.

“Now, when you get closer, you’ll see a lot of bees sitting outside the hive because they’re hot. This isn’t typical behavior on a spring, autumn, or cool day,” she said. Showed us.

They are highly adaptable to all seasons and can regulate the climate in the beehive.

“One of the reasons why bees appear to be overly sensitive to temperature is that the temperature inside the hive is constantly above 90 degrees, so there are eggs and bees that need to be kept warm. Therefore, winter But yes. I’m working hard to hit the wings and take other actions to generate heat. The opposite is true in summer. Baby bees and the like need to be cooled so they don’t get too hot. Is done by putting water in the water, spreading the hive and its wings in a fan shape and letting the heat out of the hive, “Bir explained.

These bees are like meteorologists and are constantly tracking the ever-changing weather in Oklahoma.

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