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(StudyFinds.org) — It turns out that humans are not the only ones who can benefit from strong coffee in the morning. According to a new study, bees are also a hot topic from caffeine. This also helps bees to be more productive at work.

When you need to study, there is no such thing as an espresso shot. Scientists now say that important pollen maters also learn better when nectar is associated with pickups. This phenomenon can help save endangered insects and boost agriculture.

“When you give caffeine to bees, they do nothing like flying in a loop, More motivation and efficiencyDr. Sara Arnold, a behavioral entomologist at the University of Greenwich in southeast London, said in a media release. “We wanted to see if providing caffeine would help their brains create a positive link between a particular floral odor and sugar rewards.”

A marked bumblebee visits the robot’s flower and a small bumblebee solution is rewarded to the bumblebee. (Credit: Jan-Hendrik Dudenhöffer)

Studies published in the journal Current biologyBumblebees, given caffeine, have been found to be good at scenting certain flowers with nectar. According to Arnold, this has a huge impact on agriculture, including strawberry growers. They buy dozens or hundreds of boxes of commercial bumblebees each year to boost their crops.

Many people get lost towards the next wildflower instead Delicious summer fruit. Arnold explained that plants containing stimulants can be taught to prefer. “We are leaving wildflower resources for wild bees, and growers are increasing the value of the money spent on their nests. It’s a mutually beneficial solution for everyone. “She said.

Caffeine helps improve bee memory

Previous studies have shown bees Like a stimulant Frequently visit and obtain caffeinated flowers. But this is the first to show that consuming it in their nests actually helps bees find certain flowers outside.

Choosing the best flowers for food is not as easy as a bee. “It’s really pretty A challenging environment for bumblebees Because they don’t have very sharp eyesight over long distances, “Arnold said. “They need to rely on many clues, such as scent sensations, to find good flowers.”

Caffeine found Naturally with coffee Citrus is known to play a role in turning bees into loyal customers of caffeinated flowers. Early experiments have shown that bees prefer the scent of caffeinated nectar flowers. However, they are primarily designed to give caffeine to the flowers themselves.

Arnold and colleagues actually found a caffeinated bee I have better memories It’s not just about craving for chemicals. They provided caffeine to bees in their nests, learning to associate specific odors. The synthetic odor blend mimics the scent of strawberry flowers and uses a delicious sugar solution. Then, when they are sent out to look for food and choose strawberry-scented flowers, they will be rewarded with sweet but decaffeinated nectar.

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In the test, 86 previously untrained bumblebees were divided into three groups. The two were able to smell the strawberries only with the caffeinated sugar solution or the sugar solution and learn the positive association. Third received a linked unscented sugar solution.

At the airfield, bees were released where they had to choose between two types of robot flowers. They contained distractions with the scent of strawberries or another scent they had already been exposed to. Seven out of ten caffeinated bees first visited strawberry flowers, much more than by chance.

In comparison, 60% and 45% gave strawberry aroma and sugar but did not contain caffeine. Only sugar At first I chose strawberry flowers. This suggests that caffeine had a significant effect on improving the ability to recognize strawberry flowers from their odor. And remember that it has the desired nectar.

The taste didn’t last long. Caffeinated bees soon began to visit other types of flowers in much the same way.

“This is what we could have expected because the bees ingested sugar regardless of whether they visited the target flower or the distraction flower,” Arnold said. “In a sense, they weren’t learning as fast as they were.”

Researchers also noticed caffeine There was a subtle effect The “processing speed” of bees, or the number of flowers visited within a particular time period. Everything got faster over time, but caffeine bees improved most rapidly.This also suggests caffeine Improve motor learning skills..

Bees produce more than one-third of our food.They have been wiped out by Climate change, Pesticides and diseases – reduce the ability of humans to grow crops. Their decline has widespread consequences. Insects provide a food source for many birds, amphibians, bats and reptiles.

NS Recent scientific review It suggests that 40% of the world’s insect population is experiencing a “dramatic decline”. According to scientists, bees, ants and beetles disappear eight times faster than mammals, birds and reptiles.

South West News Service writer Mark Waghorn contributed to this report.

Bees get buzzed off caffeine just like humans — and it makes them better pollinators, study finds Source link Bees get buzzed off caffeine just like humans — and it makes them better pollinators, study finds

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