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Omaha, Nebraska – The founders of technology startups wanting to launch and expand new businesses have allied with Omaha-based Beeso Studio for a range of services including software development, operations, marketing, sales and financing. increase.

Before moving to Omaha to work in IT consulting, Beeso Studio CEO John Bunting started a similar one-stop tech startup studio in Las Vegas. He took the knowledge he gained from the venture and opened Beeso Studio in January 2019.

“Our expertise lies in the growing business,” says Bunting. “I looked at demographics, colleges, and support. It makes sense to set up a startup studio in Omaha.”

Bunting explains that there are about 500 startup studios around the world, most of them outside the United States. He says similar services are available in Denver and Chicago, but not in the Omaha region.

“Startup studios focus more on doing the actual work than coaching, not on accelerators and incubators,” he says. “Accelerators don’t build software, market, or knock on doors to sell. We do.”

According to Bunting, each member of the Beeso Studio team has over 10 years of experience in different disciplines. “This means that our startup partners can invite a committee of experienced advisors to help them grow and avoid the problems faced by many startups,” he says. ..

Beeso Studio also has a network of over 100 investors nationwide who are eager to support innovative startups. “We also provide coaching, but it’s been over a period of time,” he says. “We will provide advice and guidance until the startup hires its own team.”

Beeso Studio is one of many entrepreneur-focused resource partners driven through SourceLink Nebraska, a state-wide platform that connects entrepreneurs and business owners with resources to help them start, expand and accelerate their business. It is one. The Nebraska Business Development Center (NBDC) acts as the host for the program.

Scott Asmus of SourceLink Nebraska Network Builder states that Beeso Studio provides the wraparound approach needed to improve the outcome of Nebraska’s startup business. “Beeso Studio is another great example of the support available to Nebraska startups,” says Asmus.

Since its inception, Beeso Studio has built a team of professionals to expand its portfolio of startups, from Omaha companies to UK and Canadian startups.

“When we founded Beeso Studio, my idea was to help Midwestern startups,” says Bunting. “Since then, we’ve gone beyond that to work all over the world. Our location isn’t as big a factor as I thought.”

Tech startups that use Beeso Studio as a resource have also recorded their own success. Abstrakt, a Phoenix-based startup that provides real-time call coaching software to its sales team, won a $ 120,000 investment award at the recent Startup Showdown 2022 in Atlanta.

“Omaha is a unique space,” says Banting. “It has a combination of well-educated people, a good talent pool, and a reasonable cost of living. There is a great deal of interest in launching a startup in Omaha.”

Beeso Studio is a Full-Service Partner for Startups | Nebraska Business Development Center Source link Beeso Studio is a Full-Service Partner for Startups | Nebraska Business Development Center

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