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Gigi Hadid is changing her look! Inspired by “Queen’s Gambit,” the supermodel dyed her hair red and then threw away the iconic blonde lock.

Gigi Hadid Formally Returned to the catwalk, And one thing was significantly different-her hair.The supermodel abandoned her signature blonde lock in favor of the pretty red shade she debuted Versace Milan Fashion Week She went to her Instagram Story to share her snaps at the hair salon on February 26th and explained that she was inspired. Queen’s Gambit On Netflix.

“She is dedicated to everyone responsible Queen’s Gambit, ”Gigi added a one-shot caption, referring to the featured hit series. Anya Taylor Joy As the red-haired protagonist Beth Harmon, she was awarded the Golden Globe Award the same week. She also shared her video in a salon chair and shot a cute selfie with her hair washed and smoothed back into a high ponytail.

When she was first photographed wearing a green beanie with her hair completely hidden, she made fun of her new look in a very subtle way. 5 months later Welcome baby girl Named Kai In September 2020, she flew to Italy on February 28th for Milan Fashion Week. The new mom flashed the tone mid-riff with a black and white unbuttoned cardigan, paired with wide-legged gray jeans, the bright green beanie mentioned above, and black leather boots. Gigi also wore a black protective mask, white sunglasses, and a layered gold necklace.

It’s been just a week since she opened trend About the experience of becoming a new mom and raising a little girl with her boyfriend Zayn Malik.. “You have a child, lying in bed with you, looking around,” Well, what are you doing now? “And you ask all your friends the same question, and everyone is different. I have the answer, “she told the outlet during a frank chat.

“And that’s when you realize that everyone understands it for themselves. And you can do it your own way and take it from people little by little, but you’re always a little different We will do it the way we do it. This is our way. “

Before and After Photos-Hollywood Life

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