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Kit Harington When he appeared on the red carpet case without a very important accessory, he had a fan take a double take: his beard!The Game of Thrones Heartslob was discovered at the New York premiere of Time Traveler’s Wife On Wednesday, May 11th, with his wife Rose Leslie and a razor, he seems to have been completely shaved. The British star was as handsome as his lovely partner, but he definitely looked a little different from his John Snow character and his beloved fantasy drama.

Kit Harington
Rose Leslie and her husband Kit Harington are shaving clean and attending the movie premiere in May 2022. (Gregory Pace / Shutterstock)

To match Dapper’s look on his face, Kit rocked the Dapper suit for the event. The tailored blue ensemble was paired with a simple white T-shirt and dark dress shoes. Rose saw every corner of the movie star when he stole the spotlight in a swooping black dress with short sleeves and a tight waist. Her trademark, Ginger Rock, has long been loose, as her natural beauty shines with just a little make-up.

Kit’s pretty face comes after admitting that he chooses to live a clean life.Recent actors Opened about his drinking In a rare interview. “Being calm is the process of going,’No, I can change,'” he said. The Sunday Times Magazine.. “One of my favorites I’ve learned recently is that the phrase” leopards don’t change their place “is completely wrong. In other words, the leopard actually changes its location. I think that is the most beautiful. It was really helpful. That was what I clung to. The idea that this big fundamental change can be made about who I am and how I proceeded with my life. “

Kit Harington
Kit Harington shakes his signature beard in London in April 2022. (David Fisher / Shutterstock)

Meanwhile, Rose talked about how they manage their lives after the kit checks in. Rehabilitation facility Immediately after 2019 Game of Thrones Ended. “I learned a lot about addiction, and that’s something the kit will notice forever, but it’s up to him to choose to drink again,” she said. Harper’s Bazaar UK.. “No matter how many nannies can’t stop doing what he decides to do. I don’t choose to put such pressure on myself.”

Before and after photos – Hollywood Life

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