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Before court hearings for shootings suspect, police lay out timeline from Saturday mayhem | News – New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans, Louisiana 2021-10-12 12:30:00 –

Matthew Rhysmaia will hear charges filed against him in courts on Tuesday after a series of weekend shootings that killed Louisiana soldiers and a woman in Prairieville.

In an affidavit filed prior to the hearing, state police said Maia had committed crimes in the Parish of Livingston, Ascension and East Baton Rouge throughout Saturday. Mire was finally detained late Saturday and captured in the woods near the end of Hoo Shoo Too Road.

Timeline based on affidavits submitted to the East Baton Rouge Parish and information from the Head of State:

A suspect who shot and killed several people and led police in an all-day investigation was released from the hospital — and state police …

12:08 am A member of the Livingston Parish is 17800 La near the French Settlement. Heading to the scene of the double-fire at Trailer Park at 444, after a brief investigation, I believe Maia is responsible for the two counts of one attempted murder. After a while, they learned that a blue Chevrolet Silverado truck had been stolen from a nearby house and believe that Mire took it. They also found an inventory of 10 9mm bullets nearby that were not owned by the truck owner.

2:21 am Trooper Adam Gaubert, who pulled Dutton Road to complete paperwork after a car accident, made his last entry in the police database and was then shot and killed. His body was not found for another 15 and a half hours, as the soldier kept the radio silence while searching for Maia.

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Almost at the same time: Ascension Parish members are dispatched to Dutton Road’s home. The detective then finds used ammunition and two used 9mm cartridge cases that match those from the stolen truck gun. One on the scene has died and the other has been injured. After learning about the shootings in the Parish of Livingston, police believe Maia is responsible. Surveillance camera footage from near the scene shows a stolen truck near Dutton Road’s house.

(State police later stated that they believed that Gobert was the first to be killed. About two minutes later, on Dutton Road with the headlights left off. This time frame was a murder in the Ascension Parish of a nearby residence. Is about to occur.

A Louisiana soldier was shot dead early Saturday morning while entering a report in a police car in Prairieville, with an additional 15 …

5:13 am A state soldier responding to a car accident is La, east of the Jefferson Highway. Occurs on a stolen blue truck along 42. The truck driver fires four ammunition at the soldiers who tracked the East Baton Rouge Parish. After pulling at the intersection of Hoo Shoo Too Road and Jefferson Highway, the driver fires three more ammunition at the trooper, driving to the end of Hoo Shoo Too and abandoning the truck. Troopers note that the three 9mm bullets fired in the second exchange match those found by members of the Livingston Parish who searched Maia’s home.

Late Saturday night: Mire was arrested at the end of Hoo Shoo Too Road. There is a .40 caliber Smith & Wesson magazine nearby, but without a gun, “throw away what looks like a firearm in high grasslands and swamps.” Later in the hospital, while being treated for a gunshot wound due to a dog bite and a self-injury to his right leg, Maia asked about Gaubert’s condition, “I didn’t mean to, but the man was looking at the house. “Probably a reference to where other Dutton Road murders occurred.

Before court hearings for shootings suspect, police lay out timeline from Saturday mayhem | News Source link Before court hearings for shootings suspect, police lay out timeline from Saturday mayhem | News

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