Being a parent during a potential active shooter situation – Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Milwaukee, Wisconsin 2022-05-27 20:40:16 –

Carlos Frazier had a child in Slinger Middle School and, like other Slinger’s parents, experienced a wave of panic during a lively shooting false alarm on Friday.

After a mass shooting at an elementary school in Yuvalde, Texas, and a racially motivated mass shooting at a grocery store in Buffalo, New York, Frazier had to think about the worst. He was worried about the safety of his son, not only because of the potential active shooter, but also because he is a student of mostly white school colors.

“My first concern was,” There aren’t many black kids in this school. My god, my son, is probably on that list, “Frager said. In short, it was a moment that didn’t require all the information and came in with pure adrenaline and the worst automatic thinking. ”

Frazier picked him up and said he was able to calm down and act as a leader for other students. Help him calm them down with other fellow leaders. The incident made him want to spend more time with his son and he felt blessed.

Confusion arose during Friday’s school day as students shouted, “I have a gun,” in a crowded corridor. After the blockade of the junior high school and other schools in the district, law enforcement detained the suspect’s student, who later admitted that the claim was a hoax.

Despite wanting to know all the information, Frazier says parents need to give authorities and schools time to collect and manage the right information in these situations. “Give the person an opportunity to get information before jumping to a conclusion and thinking about the worst,” he said.

The suspect’s student was detained and no gun was found.

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