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Bell Breakdown with Josh Bell – Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada 2021-06-04 15:08:51 –

Las Vegas film critic Josh Bell reviews two new films:

June is Pride Month, so the first pick of the week is a documentary Change the game, Now available on Hulu. The festival’s favorite film highlights the struggle of teenage transgender athletes. Director Michael Barnett chases three trance high school students in the sport of their choice and fights for rights. Transgender participation in youth sports has become a very controversial issue these days, and Burnett is refocusing on individual human stories. Although these young people are enthusiastic activists, their main passion is wrestling, running, or skiing, and the film captures all of their unique personalities. It’s about changing the game. Now on Hulu.

In a completely different way, it’s an Irish horror movie caveat, Currently streaming on Shudder. An unemployed man receives a seemingly generous job offer and spends several days in remote areas watching over his landlord’s teenage niece. However, such a situation never worked in horror movies, and when Isaac (played by Jonathan French) arrived in an isolated house, he was told that he had to stay trapped in a chained harness in the basement all the time. I did. Of course, the safety of young women who are mentally unstable). This is just the first example of many uneasy events that hit Isaac in this eerie and atmospheric movie. That’s a warning. Now it’s Shudder.

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