Beloved German restaurant up for sale in Stillwater

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The Gas South Bavaluan Hunter Restaurant opened 55 years ago in a place that seems destined to fail. Hiding in the pine forest west of Stillwater, far from the crowd, they served authentic German cuisine from Schnitzel and Spätzle, ending with a dark, frothy mug. Beer.

However, it prospered and attracted many fans to its idyllic place for sit-in meals, Oktoberfests, weddings, and nights with patrons. All of these were set on the yodeling accordion player’s soundtrack.

Disappointed by its loyal diner, the restaurant was put up for sale by retired longtime owner Kim Quad.

“It was my life and blood. That’s all I knew so far,” Quade said. “Very, very bittersweet.”

According to Quade, the restaurant is about to reach its peak year, and she and her husband will be stuck to help the new owner take over.

The announcement was filled with a flood of love from patrons.

“I had a sad look because it was always my favorite Oktoberfest,” said Lolae Starley of St. Paul. She and her husband, Daniel, married in a restaurant in 2014 and held a ceremony under a tall pine tree. Starry said he hopes the local brewery will intervene and continue to carry on the tradition.

Accordionist Joey Johnson said he would never forget the first Gasthaus gig. Shortly thereafter, the restaurant manager took him aside and said, “Welcome, Joey, you’ll be here for the rest of your life,” Johnson laughed. Employees tend to stick and people feel like one big family, he said.

“It was like a house, so every week you came and told me right now who was sitting at the bar on Friday night. It was a” toast. ” That was really the case. ” He was still planning to play on Friday, cranking out everything from “Beer Barrel Polka” to “Edelweiss” and from Country Classic to Neil Diamond.

“There is nothing comparable to the happiness of playing there,” he said.

The restaurant was created by Karl and Elizabeth Shane in 1966, a few years after moving from Bavarian. It was his son Karl who married Kim and took over the restaurant in 1986. Kim ran his own restaurant because he died in 2003. “I’m not going to exchange memories with everyone I meet,” said Kim, who later remarried.

She wants to sell to anyone who wants to keep the Gasthaus tradition. Some of the recipes still in use today are from Elizabethan. The Hammerschlagen game, played outdoors by patrons, was invented by Karl.

“Young people are ready to step in, try it out, live a wonderful life and make many people happy,” she said.

Quade will offer the final Bratwurst on December 19th. The restaurant will host the Christmas Market Craft Fair Christkindlmarkt from noon to 4 pm on December 4th.

The restaurant is asking people to make reservations, and Quade has added a note to the restaurant’s Facebook page that you should be patient when making a call.

“The phone doesn’t stop ringing!” She wrote.

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