Beloved Honolulu restaurant Sushi King to close – Honolulu, Hawaii

Honolulu, Hawaii 2021-06-10 04:14:57 –

Honolulu (KHON2) — Another popular Hawaiian restaurant will close.

Sushi King will serve the last bread roll and miso soup on Sunday, June 20th.

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Sushi King is within walking distance of the University of Hawaii, so both Moiriri students and residents are charged a fee. Despite a successful run during the pandemic, they will close their doors the month after they first opened.

The new real estate owner gave way to a lease mismatch, so Sushi King decided to close the store.

“I go home and spend the night, but it’s still a bit shocking because the closure was a bit more abrupt than I expected,” said manager Tez Hartney.

Tez and his sister Sylvia are helping run the restaurant. His mother, Shu-Lee Kondo, opened Sushi King in 1991. Tez celebrates the achievements of loyal patrons who have continued to thrive their businesses for 30 years.

“I actually opened this restaurant 30 years ago and came back from the mainland four years ago, but the same people are still here. Now I have my own kids and they come with my grandchildren. Some people. History is a bit crazy, “Hartney said.

Regular KHON2 said he loved the staff, but the consistent Ono menu is bringing them back again.

“I love it because they are the only ones who can make salmon cutlets the best way. I love their sauce,” said patron Brian Tammondon.

He started coming with his parents in the 1990s. He is currently out of Mililani Mauka’s home every Friday and Saturday.

He says he always misses his days at UH, where Sushi King was a popular spot.

“When I came here after the match to get the price of the jumbo platter, it was called the happy hour price and the place actually closed at 2 or 3 am,” Tammondon said.

Above the entrance, there is a bright yellow sign called “Mahalo” until the next time.

“We’ve been here once a month for years, and we’re looking forward to it because we’re confident they’ll open in the area,” said Danny Doran.

Yes, the business is not lost forever. The restaurant is still thinking about where and when it will reopen.

“People are weeping when we hear that we’re closing, but I hope they know it’s just a short break, not a farewell. Until we find a new place.” Hartney said.

There is a new menu in the new location. Hartney says he may add vegetarian items, but customers can expect fan favorites.

Beloved Honolulu restaurant Sushi King to close Source link Beloved Honolulu restaurant Sushi King to close

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