Beloved local chef, TV star Kawasaki dies while ill with COVID-19 – Honolulu, Hawaii

Honolulu, Hawaii 2021-08-04 02:57:32 –

Honolulu (KHON2) — A local family mourns the death of 45-year-old local star chef Grant Kawasaki.

A former Hawaiian Grown Kitchen host died of COVID-19 infection at his residence on July 25th.

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Kawasaki was known for his cheerful personality, who loved to make jokes and have a good time. He is said to be kind, thoughtful and generous.

His show aired on OC16 until 2017, focusing on local cooking, chefs and recipes.

“To be able to showcase local farmers, local chefs, and how they took these local products into world-class cuisine,” said Grant’s brother Scott Kawasaki.

His personality jumped out of the TV screen.

“He did it very easily,” Scott said. “I know a lot of work is done in the script and behind the scenes, but it was very well done.”

Grant was a karate practitioner and a lover of whiskey, cigars and, of course, regional cuisine.

He became ill with COVID-19 in July and spent his 45th birthday in his home quarantine.

“All the signs were that he was getting better, and the next thing you know is that he passed,” Scott said.

Grant turned out unconscious on July 25th. He was still positive for the virus.

“I know he didn’t take a shot,” Scott said. “It was a source of debate within the family. But it was his body, his decision. I respected it, and it’s a shame it ended that way,

I hope Grant’s death can be a message to others.

“I got my shot,” Scott said. “I realized that this should have been avoided. Everyone has their own choice and I respect it, but from my side. For safety, at least that one shot, Johnson & Get Johnson. I want to prevent this from happening to anyone else. “

Scott wants to hold an annual event in honor of Grant. He’s still coming up with ideas, but what he has is to spend money to send cooking students to school for free.

Beloved local chef, TV star Kawasaki dies while ill with COVID-19 Source link Beloved local chef, TV star Kawasaki dies while ill with COVID-19

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