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Cleveland, Ohio 2020-11-21 16:15:13 –

Virginia Sterling (AP) — Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson admits unapproved experimental treatment that saved his life after becoming “desperately ill” after being infected with the coronavirus.

There is no medical evidence that the treatment Carson quoted worked.

Carson, a retired neurosurgeon, said on Friday that he believed he was “out of the woods” now. He revealed that his wife’s candy also had COVID-19, a disease caused by the coronavirus. Carson tested positive earlier this month.

Most people, including President Donald Trump and his family, have recovered from the disease, more than 250,000 Americans have died, and nearly 12 million have become ill.

In a statement posted on Facebook, Carson said he was “extremely ill” but saw “dramatic improvements” after receiving botanical treatments derived from the oleander plant. Carson said there was a fundamental condition he did not identify. “And after a short period of time when I experienced a slight discomfort, my symptoms accelerated and I desperately became ill.”

Carson said Trump was aware of his condition and “cleared me about the monoclonal antibody therapy he had received before. I’m sure this saved my life.” ..

The White House declined to comment on Saturday and instead referred to the Department of Housing and Urban Development for questions about Trump’s possible intervention in Carson’s health care. The HUD also declined to comment.

“I believe I’m out of the woods at this point,” said a secretary who acknowledged the work of Trump, the White House medical team, and a doctor at Walter Reed Military Hospital.

After being infected in early October, Trump spent three days at Walter Reed receiving a variety of experimental treatments, including antibody therapy from Regeneron. Trump later admitted experimental medications that helped him recover.

Carson said he took Oleander 4X, but there is no evidence that treatment or other homeopathic medications are effective against COVID-19.

Mr. Trump was treated with Regeneron through an exemption from “compassionate use,” a perception that goes beyond the standard care he received as president.

The safety and efficacy of regeneron drugs have not yet been proven. Also, there is no way for the president or his doctor to know that the drug has worked.

In his statement, Carson acknowledged access to a level of medical care that was not available to most Americans. He said that the priority should be to provide equivalent treatment and care to the general public as quickly as possible.

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Ben Carson says he’s ‘out of the woods’ after battling COVID-19 Source link Ben Carson says he’s ‘out of the woods’ after battling COVID-19

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