Ben Robinson talks about Kate Chastain’s hookup under the deck

never say never!Nevertheless Ben Robinson When Kate Chastain I preferred to keep past details private. Under the deck Alum responded interestingly to whether they regret connecting with each other.

“Which?” Ben, 40, said exclusively We weekly Before adding that he “had no regrets” about their history.

Ben Robinson and Kate Chastain. Shutterstock; Karolina Wojtasik / Bravo

Meanwhile, 38-year-old Kate joked that she “really doesn’t remember” taking that step in her relationship with the chef.

The duo who worked together at the Bravo show for years caused rumors of romance between Season 2 and Season 3.When Ben arrives Save the charter season later Leon Walker left, The rest of the crew saw some sparks in the air between the pairs.

Ben and Kate admitted to hooking up between seasons, but they I chose to dodge any more questions about the topic.. In July 2019, the former Chief Stew hinted at her feelings on this topic during the “Do you want to screw in that crew?” Game.on What Happens With Andy Cohen..

When the host said Ben’s name, Kate replied, “Never again.” She later added that a professional chef was her favorite crew member, suggesting that “maybe because we had sex.”

Recently, the two opened to We About Their thoughts on the success of long-distance relationships in their industry.

“To be honest, I don’t think long distances will work. I think it’s actually a big obstacle,” Ben said. We About having to break up with other important people during the charter.

Ben explained: People crave intimacy when working alone at sea With the people around them.

“When you’re under stress, contact with humans can really help,” he says. We.. “It’s weird. You’re very vulnerable and it’s good to hug here and there. I’m just a big baby.”

Kate, for her part, Agreed to refocus people’s attention When they start working in a boat.

“Yachts are your entire universe, like the people you worked with [for] For 6 weeks, it’s your whole world. So if you’re heading somewhere, or if your mind is somewhere, that’s not really great, “Reality Star added earlier this month. “Enjoy with the people you are with, even for just six weeks.”

Ben and Kate from the Bravo franchise era I’m still a friend and live in the same building.. Although they are not romantically together, the duo has previously revealed how their love life had progressed.

“I have a girlfriend for the last few years,” Ben confirmed. We.. “Kate is very close to Chiara and we all live in the same building. She is great for me.”

in the meantime, Former Bravo Chat room host She admitted that she enjoyed exploring the Florida dating scene.

“I had a great date last night,” she said. We In August. “It’s great because I’m pretty much back in the dating world after a pandemic year.”

For more information on Ben and Kate’s regrets, watch the exclusive video above!

Under the deck galley talk Bravo will air on Friday at 8 pm EST.

Reported by Mandie DeCamp

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Ben Robinson talks about Kate Chastain’s hookup under the deck

Source link Ben Robinson talks about Kate Chastain’s hookup under the deck

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