Benjamin Percy introduces ‘The Ninth Metal’ – Twin Cities

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“At first, people were surprised at the horror of shining in the sky. A year later, when the Earth spins a field of comet debris and it rains in the sky, celestial wonders are a planetary crisis. became.

Thus, Benjamin Percy’s new novel, The Ninth Metal, in Minnesota, begins at the beginning of his comet cycle. Set in the town of Northfall, Minnesota, destroyed by a comet. In hardwood forests and the remains of devastating houses, a new metal, omnimetal, has been discovered that has the property of changing the world as an energy source and weapon. At the end of the Northfall iron ore dynasty, John Frontier finds himself involved in a war in which his family controls mining rights and mining operations. Physicist Victoria Lennon was hired by the Pentagon to study omnimetal, but was trapped in a nightmare lab. In the city, new police officers are now trying to bring justice to the lawless community. , Must compromise her moral law.

Benjamin Percy

Percy has won two White, Primpton and Pushcart Prizes and is the author of the novels The Unfamiliar Garden, The Dark Net, The Dead Lands, Red Moons and The Wilding. Published 3 story collections and essay collection “Thrill Me”. He also writes Wolverine and X-Force for Marvel Comics.

“The Ninth Metal” will be released on Tuesday, June 1st at 7pm, and Percy will win the Minnesota Book Award, author of the Aid family trilogy “The Lighthouse Road,” “Wintering,” and “Northernmost.” Talk to the award-winning Peter Geye. Presented by Magers & Quinn. freedom. Go to magersandquinn.com.

Percy will be published by Next Chapter Booksellers on Monday, June 7th at 7pm on his novel using Zoom. Destination: nextchapterbooksellers.com..

Benjamin Percy introduces ‘The Ninth Metal’ – Twin Cities Source link Benjamin Percy introduces ‘The Ninth Metal’ – Twin Cities

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