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Tucson, Arizona 2021-08-09 23:00:00 –

what: Benz Bell promotes kindness and community involvement. Every week, those who make Tucson better “ring the bell.”

Last week’s recipients: Richard Nicolls

why: For his work at Pima Paws For Life Shelter. Nichols has been walking his dog for six years at the Pima Pose for Life Shelter. Until he retired four years ago, he walked his dog every Saturday and Sunday morning. He has always walked his dog seven days a week since he retired, Dixon wrote in her letter of recommendation. “You can set the clock when he leaves in the morning,” she writes. “He’s been walking for years because he recently shared with me that many large dogs are struggling with adoption. He also took them to get in the car, especially on holidays. Nichols helped match the funding to raise money, paid for numerous surgeries and donated to the upgrades needed for the facility. The shelters are living a difficult life for financial support, and since COVID-19, the number of volunteers such as dog pedestrians and cat lovers has been gradually decreasing. Richard continued his dog walk during the pandemic, Dixon wrote. “His wife tells me that this activity has given him as personally as an improvement in shelter. It is very fulfilling for him to serve animals in need,” she writes. I am. “He experienced the joy of adopting a pet that seemed impossible to adopt and the traumatic life of too many pets falling into the arms of Pima Pose for Life, Richard. He is a very quiet and open-minded person. “

Ben’s Bells: Richard Nichols | Local news Source link Ben’s Bells: Richard Nichols | Local news

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