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Omaha, Nebraska 2022-06-30 16:17:56 –

Omaha, Nebraska (KMTV) — Benson First Friday (BFF) and other Omaha organizations are celebrating their designation as the official creative district in the neighborhood with a ribbon cut on Friday.

Please read the full news release below.

BFF Omaha and the Benson Creative District Coordinating Committee announce that Benson has been officially designated as a state-sanctioned Creative District, celebrating the Ribbon Cut Ceremony by the Great Omaha Chamber of Commerce on the first Friday of July. .. This designation was made after 10 years of creative placemaking and led Benson to success.
Creative district by the Nebraska Arts Council.

The Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce’s Red Ribbon Crew has joined the newly accredited Benson Creative District to officially celebrate its designation. The cut will take place on the first Friday of July 1 at 6 pm at the intersection of Maple Street and Military Avenue, adjacent to BFF Omaha’s Street Artist Market.

The final BFF ribbon cut took place 10 years ago on June 1, 2012, in the middle of Maple Street, to commemorate the start of the first Friday in Benson.

The general public also recommends taking a walk in the city of Benson on the night of July 1st.

● With the closure of Military Avenue and 62nd Avenue, more than 50 artist vendors and community partners, live artists and street DJs

● Special vendors, artists and live music celebrating June 16th on 61st Avenue

● Sailor’s Grave Tattoo also offers a tattoo special to commemorate the 10th anniversary of BFF Omaha. Anyone with a BFF logo tattoo can earn a lifetime membership in the organization.

● And as always, over 20 special community art and music events, free takeaway art kits, public art scavenger hunts, free pedicab rides, online and virtual services and more.

BFF hosts the first Friday of every month in Benson, Nebraska. For more information on the first Friday of June, please visit our Facebook page. BFF Omaha welcomes the participation of the general public. For more information on the event, please contact Alex Jochim or visit

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Benson First Friday & Omaha Chamber celebrate creative district designation Source link Benson First Friday & Omaha Chamber celebrate creative district designation

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