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Berlin Heights, Ohio (WJW) — The family of Maxton “Max” Sobiac, a corrupt Navy noncommissioned officer, Afghanistan On thursday.

His sister Kathleen thanked them for their support and at the same time gave the public more insight into the character of her brother. “I wish everyone didn’t have to know how great they were, but you were great.”

“Quoting Maxton himself,’If the world is nearing the end, I don’t want to close my eyes without feeling alive,’ Kathleen said.

With huge patriotism and tears, hundreds of people gathered in the front yard of Edison Middle School in Berlin Heights to call for community vigilance.

“It’s near my house. This will bring Afghanistan to Berlin Heights. It’s a sad day for the United States,” said Robert Atter, who lives in the village.

The 22-year-old Sobiak was one of 13 U.S. military personnel killed in a suicide bombing at Kabul Airport on Thursday. Kabul Airport is the last part of a war-torn country dominated by US troops.

Kelly Moon, a former mayor of the village and current Erie County Veterans Service Commissioner, said the bustle was impressive.

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“I’m a Vietnam War veteran. One person was killed in 1971. He was a year behind me at school and nothing like this,” Moon said. ..

The Berlin Heights community has been in mourning together since Friday, when they held a local ceremony to commemorate Sobiac and his service.

The current mayor, Connie Ward, has organized a prayer rally and has worked with the police chief during this period to ensure family privacy.

“We wanted to do something to make them feel the love and support of the community and to allow them to participate comfortably and see in the way they like,” Ward said. rice field.

A Navy family from Amherst attended. “The child next door. May have been one of our children, and as Navy parents, it only tears your heart. I can’t even imagine the feelings of their family. We can’t even imagine the feelings of their family. I know how it feels. It’s just broken. Our hearts are broken. “

Retired Navy Captain Chaplain Roger Pace talks about the Sauviac hero who helped the U.S. military and Afghan citizens flee the country.

“My heart before Max died was saddened by American ideological friends. These Afghan people may die because we couldn’t save them. Max He devoted his life to that end, “said Pace.

Many people said goodbye to their home heroes, and the family led them to balloon.

“For Max, dying with his brothers who serve his country is Max’s way,” Kathleen said.

Berlin Heights holds prayer vigil for Maxton Soviak Source link Berlin Heights holds prayer vigil for Maxton Soviak

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