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Taekwondo, painting and science do not seem to be complementary efforts.

But they are for Vulshari Patel, a senior at Discovery Canyon High School, who finds inspiration and purpose in each complexity.

“I pay attention to details and shapes. Brush strokes, competitive kicks, experimental clarifications.”

She was first attracted to painting as a kid in India and went to art classes by bicycle every Sunday. “I drew a picture of my dad working on his laptop and flowers in our garden.”

Recently, her brush strokes have helped to feed her hunger. Her painting was auctioned off by a fundraiser whose father works. Revenues have benefited Care and Share.

“But I was scared to use her art that way,” she said. She had to overcome the idea that people didn’t want her or want something done by teenagers.

Many of her acrylic paintings depict the mountains of Colorado and the religious gods of her native India. Over time, she calculates that a $ 2,000 donation will translate into 17,000 meals.

She says she worked hard to create a competitive attack in taekwondo, like creating a brushstroke on an empty canvas. She explained how she participated in the state championship, saying, “My heart was pounding, my legs were shaking, my hands were sweating with gloves, and I was drowning in the gold medal.” She added, “If I said I wasn’t afraid, I would be lying. She kicked very strongly and very fast.”

Patel kept himself during the match and focused on defeating complex scoring strategies and negative thoughts. She led 3 to 1 with 27 seconds remaining. But another powerful kick by her opponent to her abdomen threw her to the floor.

She lost her gold medal and felt a “dark cloud of sadness.” However, in retrospect, she realized that she couldn’t cover it by losing all the efforts she made to win the second place silver medal.

It was another dark moment that prompted her to choose medicine as her career. As a kid, she read many books on topics such as what happens when she hiccups and how her ears help balance. After playing with a doctor’s toy set, she dissected a frog in high school and found that “the depth of the human body is intriguing.”

Her counselor, biomedical sciences instructor, Mitchell Burke, said she was one of the best and most ambitious students he has taught in 21 years.

He said he is good at skills that most people know little about, such as restriction enzyme digestion, multiplex polymerase chain reaction, and bacterial formation. She is familiar with the use of composite light microscopy, thermal cycler technology, and DNA extraction, specializing in experiments and analyzing scientific data.

It was two years ago that her career decision was finalized. She and her family visited her grandfather in India when he became fatally ill. “When we arrived at the hospital, I wanted to be with him. I felt like I was trapped in a cage in the waiting room,” she said at midnight. We had to trust the doctor. The doctor is our hope. “

Her grandfather has recovered. But the incident did not leave her. She thought that not everyone had access to healthcare.

“The need to be healed is universal.”

She also understands that medicine must be more than just science.

“I want to be a caring doctor. Someone who understands. Someone who feels at ease. Someone who heals.”

BEST AND BRIGHTEST: Dark moments motivate aspiring doctor | Colorado Springs News Source link BEST AND BRIGHTEST: Dark moments motivate aspiring doctor | Colorado Springs News

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