Best Buy to Close All Stores on Thanksgiving Day

Best Buy Co Inc (NYSE: BBY) stores are back 2021 Thanksgiving is closedJoin the growing list of retailers who have already announced similar plans.

Closure marks Wal-Mart and several major chains, including Wal-Mart, for the second consecutive year Target corporationWhat was traditionally a huge holiday shopping day in connection with Black Friday gets dark.

Last year, many stores remained closed during Thanksgiving to reduce crowds and increase online sales during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Best Buy does not share Black Fridat’s business hours or plans, but the company states: statement Serving millions of customers through curbside pickup services and shipping packages last Black Friday weekend.

The consumer electronics chain said it plans to offer transactions online through its website and the Best Buy app.

“This year, we’ll have more ways to make holiday shopping easier and more convenient for our customers throughout the Black Friday weekend and the holiday season,” the company said.

Walmart Last week, we announced that all locations in the United States will be closed for the second consecutive year on Thanksgiving Day. This is a way to thank employees for “their ongoing efforts during the pandemic.”

In January, Target announced that it would close the store on holidays, encouraging shoppers to buy products online instead.

According to the company, customers used the store to purchase 150 million items. Drive-up and order pickup options In November and December 2020, it will be more than four times the amount purchased during the same period in 2019.


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