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Live from New York, Saturday night! Saturday night liveThe 47th season of the season began in October 2021 and since then there has been a lot of hilarious cold open from highly talented cast members and celebrity hosts. Check out some of the strongest Cold Open skits that premiered this season.

Roe v. Wade

A clever commentary on the Supreme Court’s leaked decision to overturn the Roe v. Wade case, perhaps sketch Bring us back to the Middle Ages in 1235.In the skit, the host Benedict Cumberbatch Tell the other two men that they need to enact a law banning abortion.Come in Cecily Strong, Town screams, protest. “Shouldn’t a woman have the right to choose because giving birth means a 50 percent chance of dying?” She argued, the Benedict character replied. “Yes, but that’s why we also offer maternity leave. After 20 years of continuous childbirth, you can leave.”

The three men then disregard the claims of the town’s critics and agree to outlaw abortion in a one-of-a-kind case. Kate McKinnon Take a step further and play a witch who can see the future. “These barbaric laws will one day be overturned by what is called progress, and about 50 years after progress, they will be like,” And perhaps undo progress. ” “She shouted before adding. To keep fighting! The crowd was applauded.

Fox news Ukraine

Following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine SNL Decided to do something sharp Political satire sketch Tucker Carlson When Laura IngrahamInterpretation of the event. Ingraham was played by Kate McKinnon and Carlson was played by Alex Moffat. “I called the President of Ukraine poor. He stayed and fought with his people during the war, and I called him poor from the Washington news desk.” Kate’s character commented. James Austyn Johnson Then stepped in with his best man Donald Trump Impressive, cheerful and accurate Trump’s voice delves into interesting, irrelevant ramblings.The sketch ended with Mickey Day And Cecily Strong playing Donald Trump Jr...When Kimberly Gilfoil When they played a “shallow” parody, the Trumps highlighted their desire to invade Ukraine.

Confirmation of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson

Cast member Ego Nowadim played without moving away from the political side of things Ketanji Brown JacksonThe first black woman to be voted by the Supreme Court judge in a hilarious atmosphere Opening sketch..The skit is Joe Biden Congratulations. “Wait a minute in this room. Feel the weight of history,” he said before leaving.Doing whimsical things right after entering Kate McKinnon Ruth Bader Ginsburg impression. “I’m very proud of you. You’re doing a great job … after all, people do the right thing!” She said before applauding.

Kenan Thompson,play Thurgood Marshall, And the first Black Supreme Court judge joins the stage. “Don’t give up. Democracy can be slow and messy and stumbles, but it moves forward over time. Harriet Tubman When Jackie Robinson To give Jackson the best advice before plunging into the classic “Live from New York, that Saturday night”.

Adie’s dream

Oscar isaac Nail him SNL Cheerful and moody debut Opening sketch When Aidy Bryant.. In a sultry skit, Adie gets the chance to survive her fantasy while she and Oscar crave each other. “I have to admit, I meet you sexually. I don’t look like someone you want to run a school. Oscar is funny picking up a guitar I bent over before I started singing a fascinating song.

Easter wishes

with this Cold open Kate McKinnon and Cecily Strong strike again at the ensemble cast Anthony Fauci When Marjorie Taylor Greene Impression that we wish everyone a happy Easter.Mickey Day is coming as Elon MuskHe cheerfully tried to “buy Easter”, laughing horribly like Elon. Jared Leto Then, before promoting his new movie, he introduces himself as Jesus Christ and appears. Morbius.. Alex Moffat then steals the show again with the impression of his signature Donald Trump and begins a long, random confession about the food he enjoys during Easter.

Best Cold Open Sketch-Hollywood Life

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