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The best organization to support veterans

Stars And Stripes Honor Flight

Local organizers fortunately sent some of the last surviving veterans of World War II to Washington and their work by honoring veterans of recent wars on a trip to the National War Memorial. Continues. (Frank Gehry)

Dryhootch Coffeehouse
Float Milwaukee
Wisconsin Veterans Chamber of Commerce

Local activist

Frank Nitty

Frank Nitti first appeared in Black Lives Matter and soon became a phenomenon. In a few months, he wore his trademark dreadlocks under a flat-country hat, attracted about 100,000 followers across Wisconsin, and went to Washington, DC in honor of Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy. Led the cross-country march in. (Frank Gehry)

Dr. Monique Liston
Markasa Tucker
Vaun Mayes

Local character


Is it a legend or someone who likes to walk? Milwaukee has a rich history of local characters, including John Haman (aka Milwaukee). Because John Haman resembles a particular Marvel Comics character, he often walks shirtless from downtown to Bayview, giving him a recognizable face in his hometown. (Brain Schultz)

Flannery Pendergast
John McGivern

Local entrepreneur

Lilo Allen
Bronzeville Collective

Bronzeville Collective MKE is a co-store in the neighborhood of the same name that enhances the creative work of local artisans, especially black, brown and LGBTQ. More than 25 craftsmen have access to jewelery, wellness products, clothing, artwork and other products in a space celebrating the rich history of black management in Bronzeville. (Jangabriel Fernandez)

Geoff Hoen (Beard MKE)
Jamie Andrzejewski (Nourish Natural Products)
Ryan Laessig (Milwaukee Makers Market)

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Milwaukee Alder Person

Milele Coggs
District 6 Alderwoman

Alderwoman Milele Coggs has led community-oriented efforts, including the celebration of Bronzeville Week in Milwaukee’s African-American culture and history. As a black woman in power and the youngest woman to be elected to the Milwaukee Common Council, she takes every opportunity to lift a community of young women and colors. (Jangabriel Fernandez)

Marina Dimitrijevic
Michael Murphy
Nik Kovac

Milwaukee County Supervisor

Ryan Clancy
District 4 Supervisor

Ryan Clancy, the newly elected overseer of Milwaukee County, was arrested for participating in a protest in honor of George Floyd, making a name for himself as an activist rather than a politician. He is also an MPS teacher and owner of Bounce Milwaukee, an activity center that has become a hub for Milwaukee’s progressive community. (Jangabriel Fernandez)

Jason Haas
Marcelia Nicholson
Sequanna Taylor

Milwaukee of the Year

Derek Mosley
Judge of Milwaukee Municipal Court

Judge Derek Mosley is the current Chief Judge of the Milwaukee District Court, who has been serving since 2002. Mosley is a vigorous participant in Milwaukee’s cultural and culinary scene and serves on the board of several nonprofits. After a recent match against the coronavirus, Judge Mosley pulled out to continue to serve our community. (Jangabriel Fernandez)

Frank Nitty
Jamaal Napoleon
Shavonda Sisson

Most beloved politician

Gwen Moore
U.S. Representative, Wisconsin District 4

Congressman Gwen Moore, who represents parts of Milwaukee and Walkisha, has made a name for himself as an undervalued representative in Washington, DC. In November 2020, she won again in a landslide against Republican Tim Rogers. Moore was the first African-American legislator from Wisconsin to bring the long-awaited diversity. (Jangabriel Fernandez)

Mandela Barnes
Tammy Baldwin
Tom Barrett

The most despised politician

Scott Walker

He is currently absent, but left a mark of destruction after his term as Governor of Wisconsin, damaging the environment, trade unions, and the UW system, and signed a suspicious deal with corporate interests that promote greed rather than public interest. .. (David Rulesen)

Robin Vos
Ron Johnson
Tony Evers

The most reliable civil servant

Tony Evers
Governor of Wisconsin

Faced with unconscious opposition from Republican-controlled parliaments and special interest groups, and despite the White House’s unfriendly contempt, Tony Evers calmly faced a pandemic, protecting the public and local businesses. We have implemented measures to strengthen the. (David Rulesen)

David Bowen
David Crowley
Gwen Moore

Non-profit organization

Love On Black Women

“Black women are the backbone of our community. Let’s love them,” says fundraiser Love on Blackwoman. People can donate to the fund, which will be fully distributed to black women as needed, including rent, food and emergency supplies. “We don’t ask for follow-up, and we don’t want the burden of proof dollars,” they guarantee. “100% of the money collected goes directly into the pockets of black women.” (Jangabriel Fernandez)

Courage MKE
Ignite the Spirit
Leukemia & Lymphoma Society - Wisconsin Chapter


Herb Kohl

A businessman, former US Senator, and former owner of Milwaukee Bucks, he became a non-profit organization in Wisconsin, caring for his hometown through Herbert H. Kohl Philanthropy and doing a positive job in the community. I paid millions of dollars. (David Rulesen)

Friends shepherd

Help support Milwalky’s locally owned free weekly newspaper.

learn more

Les Weil
Sean Lowe
Shavonda Sisson

Where to pick up Shepherd Express

Beans & Barley
1901 E. North Ave.

Beans & Barley has been offering health foods and selling organic products in cafes since most Milwaukee people turned to the reference to “health foods”. Despite competition with national chains, the B & B remains a bustling location at the crossroads of the city’s east side. (David Rulesen)

Metro Market
Outpost Natural Foods
Pick 'n Save

A place to work due to changes in the environment

Urban Ecology Center
Multiple Locations

Walk along the eastern bank of the Milwaukee River north of Humboldt Avenue to experience the consequences of the organization’s labor. The Urban Ecology Center has been dedicated to recovering, protecting and predicting our green space needs. They have worked to educate Milwaukee about the natural history of our area and the changing habitats of animals. (Morton Shrub Tonic)

Milwaukee Riverkeeper
Walnut Way Conservation Corp.
Wisconsin Conservation Voters

A place to work for social justice

Black Leaders Organizing For Communities (BLOC)

Social justice is closely linked to grassroots efforts to support the local black community. This is the mission of the Black Leaders (BLOC) to organize for the community. BLOC aims to invigorate and unite the community of black voters through campaigns, petitions, dialogues and hands-on communication with local voters. The goal they stated was to educate the black Wisconsins and give them political tools to stand up for them. (Jangabriel Fernandez)

Leaders Igniting Transformation
UBUNTU Research & Evaluation
Voces de la Frontera

Political attention stock

Mandela Barnes
Lieutenant Governor of Wisconsin

Mandela Barnes is Wisconsin’s first black deputy governor. He previously attended the Legislature on behalf of Milwaukee’s North Side. He has created several laws, including juvenile justice reform, increased home care for young people in foster care, early release reform, increased victim and witness advocacy services, and subsidy programs for local schools. (Tom Gents)

David Bowen
Marcelia Nicholson
Ryan Clancy

State legislature

Chris Larson
State Senator

Chris Larson has lived and worked in the community he represents for the rest of his life. He kept in touch with members for ideas and guidance on the impact of state-wide public policy on the neighborhood. (Frank Gehry)

David Bowen
JoCasta Zamarripa
Jonathan Brostoff

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