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Best Options For Ayala Center Cebu Party Packages

If you live in Cebu City and you’re planning a party soon, then you definitely won’t have any problem. There are a lot of party venues in the city. And you can find several of them in Ayala Center Cebu. The popular mall has some of the best restaurants and entertainment establishments in the city. If you’re not sure where to hold your party in Cebu, then this article is for you. Below are some of the best options for Ayala Center Cebu party packages.

Blackbeard’s Seafood Island Cebu

Best Options For Ayala Center Cebu Party Packages

If you want to serve seafood for your party then you can have it at Blackbeard’s Seafood Island Cebu. The province of Cebu is known for delicious seafood. And Blackbeard offers some of the best seafood dishes in the Philippines. The restaurant is known for their boodle feast where you and your guests can eat with your hands with a variety of dishes laid out in front of you on banana leaves. It truly is a unique experience. The ambiance at Blackbeard is perfect too if you want a nature-inspired party. It will make you feel like you’re having a feast on a beach.

Lemon Grass

People looking for Ayala Center Cebu party packages should also check out Lemon Grass. This restaurant is a local favorite. The restaurant serves authentic Vietnamese and Thai dishes and they are known for using only the best ingredients in their dishes. When you taste their dishes, you’ll know right away that they are using authentic spices. Every bite of their food packs a punch. Your guests will surely love the food at Lemon Grass. It’s a refreshing change from the usual party fare. They will also love the zen-like ambiance of the place. Lemon Grass is located on the ground floor.

Maya Mexican Restaurant

If Mexican food is more your thing, then you’ll be happy to know that Ayala Center Cebu has the city’s most popular Mexican restaurant, Maya Mexican Restaurant. This is a well-loved restaurant in Cebu and it has been around for more than a decade already. It serves your usual Mexican fare such as nachos, burritos, enchiladas, tacos, fajitas, and a whole lot more. And of course, a Mexican party won’t be complete without tequila. They have the largest 100% agave tequila bar in the whole Philippines. For your party, you can choose to have a salsa night complete with a DJ.


Best Options For Ayala Center Cebu Party Packages

If you want a different kind of party then you can try availing one of the party packages being offered by Timezone. These party packages are designed for children’s parties. So they are definitely something you can consider if you’re planning a party for your child soon. But of course, you can also book a party at Timezone even if you’re an adult. If you love video games and other arcade attractions, then having a party at Timezone is like a dream come true to you. Your guests will surely love the experience as well. So if you’re searching for Ayala Center Cebu party packages, then Timezone is an excellent option.

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