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Best rowing machines 2021 | Live Science

With the best rowing machines you can revolutionize your home gym, and build your strength every day with intensive workouts. We’ve all been working out at home more over these past few years and these machines have grown in popularity thanks to their versatility and ability to work your arms, legs, abs, core, and back in one motion. 

What the experts say:

“Rowing machines are excellent for improving cardiovascular fitness. There’s no impact at all, so they allow the user to build their fitness without risking injury, or aggravating existing injuries. They’re also an all-body workout, which means they train a lot of muscle and burn a high number of calories at the same time. Rowing machines are fantastic for helping people to lose weight.” 

For those reasons, the best rowing machines are a serious contender for the number-one piece of home workout equipment.

Best rowing machines 2021 | Live Science Source link Best rowing machines 2021 | Live Science

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