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Spring is coming and summer is just around the corner. In other words, it’s time to get a tan. There is perfect self-tanning where you can get bronze right away.

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Now that the seasons have changed and the weather has warmed up, it’s time to start supporting our feet. If you need a base tan, you’re in luck.The· Saint-Tropez Self-Tan Classic Bronze Mousse Is one of the best-selling self-tanning and has over 8,400 positive reviews. It is very easy to apply and looks beautiful in bronze for up to 10 days.

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The colored mousse is completely vegan and very easy to apply. It is completely streak-free and can be adjusted to suit your skin tone for up to 10 days. To apply, make sure it is completely exfoliated, then apply the mouse to the mitt, rub the whole body, wait for it to dry, and then wear loose clothing. After 4-8 hours, the first tanning can be gently rinsed off. It is advisable to take a shower without soap for the first shower to avoid scraping the product.

There is a reason why more than 8,000 people gave this tannery a positive review, because people swear it. One satisfied customer said, “This is great. I have tried all the self-tanning products so far, but this is my lasting reliance. It’s very fast and easy to apply. This is my process (it works perfectly every time). 1. Whole body lotion the night before. Take a shower and dry on Sunday afternoon / early night before putting on this tanner (about 1 per body part) One full pump, calf = 1 pump, thigh = 1 pump, stomach = 1-2 pump, etc.). I got my whole body, used gloves and rubbed lightly in a circle until all the edges were blended. Continue. Then have your boyfriend return it (2 pumps). 2. It will dry in about 5 minutes, but just in case I’m standing naked for about 20 minutes. I leave it all night (it) Do not wash your hands or your face for the rest of the night so that they all sink at the same time). 3. Take a shower as usual in the morning and spend the day. That’s it. I wore a white Thigh and fell asleep with something like this, but I know it won’t come off because the Thigh doesn’t have any color. My tan lasted about a week and Sometimes it gets a little longer. After about a week, it starts to fade (some areas are faster than others). If you do this every Sunday, it will not fade and will always remain bronze. :) I used to use FakeBake, but the process took too long, there was a lot of latency and the color always looked a bit orange. This is a perfect color and dries very quickly. , You can easily do it every Sunday without delaying. “

Best Saint-Tropez Deal-Shop-Hollywood Life

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