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University of Hawaii at Manoa (KHON2) — There was a festive atmosphere at the SimpliFi Arena on Sunday, May 8th.

After a series of national championships and face-to-face celebrations, some have said that KHON2 is the best Mother’s Day gift anyone can ask for.

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The band first came out to deal with a crowd of about 200 people on songs they all knew and loved. The atmosphere was electrical.

“We have some energy here,” said UH volleyball fan Wayne Gabairo.

The team wouldn’t be in a position to be without their aunts who supported them through the thick and the thin. One said she could barely contain herself as Bowes was approaching the third and final set of the 2022 championship.

“What the hell! I was jumping alone in the living room,” said Wake Wake, a UH volleyball fan. “This is the best way to celebrate Mother’s Day, the championship team. We are very proud of them.”

KHON2 needed to know if some mothers felt as if they had adopted “Bows” as their own.

“I hope. I had two daughters, but do you have more sons?” Said UH volleyball fan Kairen Yi.

“They grew up with their children,” said Glenn Yee, Kaylene’s husband. “Because you know, you follow their career and are pleased that they have succeeded.”

Former indoor wahine volleyball prominent player and current beach volleyball player Brooke Vansickle was also present, saying he never had enough love to show to UH fans.

“All aunts are as usual,” Oh, we’ve been supporting the program for years! “And it’s as if it’s great to be able to play in a program with such support. Yes, it’s unique in the country, “Vansikle said. “It’s unrealistic, support, it’s great.”

People of all ages were there, including 7-year-old Keira, who had just begun her journey as a UH fan.

“So I’m just starting to be a fan this year and I’m very proud of them,” Keira said.

Old and new Keiki and Kupuna — all the fans seemed to be celebrating and looking ahead.

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“We’re excited, we’re still excited,” Wake said. “Three Pete!”

‘Best way to celebrate Mother’s Day’ Source link ‘Best way to celebrate Mother’s Day’

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